Which Fountain Pens Fit the Goulet Nibs?

Goulet nibs on various fountain pens

We have offered our own line of #5 and #6 size replacement fountain pen nibs for a few years now. One of our most frequently asked questions from customers is which pens are compatible with these nibs. We wanted to put a comprehensive list of all the fountain pens we currently offer that work with our #5 and #6 nibs!

DISCLAIMER: Swap nibs at your own risk! Swapping nibs on your pens will void the manufacturer's warranty on the pen and you will be responsible if anything were to be broken or damaged during the swapping process. Repair from the manufacturer will not be available.

Goulet #5 polished steel nibs

Fountain Pens with #5 Nibs

Here are the fountain pens compatible with Goulet #5 nibs we currently offer:

Assorted nibs in Silver and Gold colored

Fountain Pens with #6 Nibs

In a much longer list, here are the fountain pens compatible with Goulet #6 nibs that we currently offer:

*Although the nib sizes are identical, replacing a nib may not yield consistent ink flow or produce an equivalent writing experience.

These lists are current as of January 2024 but are subject to change without notice. 

Goulet flex #6 nib on a fountain pen


How to Swap a Nib

If you're unsure how to swap a nib, check out this video:

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