How to Easily Swap LAMY Fountain Pen Nibs

How to Easily Swap LAMY Fountain Pen Nibs

Probably the biggest selling point to the LAMY fountain pens is that most of them have interchangeable nibs. This means you can easily remove the nib and replace it with another size, or use it on another pen.

LAMY fountain pen replacement nibs 

Why swap out nibs?

Let's say you've had your eye on a studio with a fine nib, and you already have a fine nib safari... maybe you'll want to get an extra-fine or a broad studio instead. Since you can swap the nibs out, you can look to get something you don't have and you can broaden your collection of LAMY nibs.

Or maybe you own a medium nib LAMY fountain pen, and you want to try an extra-fine but don't want to buy a whole separate pen. You can buy just the nib, and change it out.

Most importantly, it also opens you up to more combinations of pens & nib sizes than would normally be offered. You can put a 1.1mm stub nib and put it on your LAMY studio, or put a 14k gold nib on your safari. You can really vary it up.

This is good news for LAMY fans. You can get a whole assortment of nibs and share them between your pens.

LAMY fountain pen replacement nibs


How do I swap out nibs?

Sometimes the nibs pull off the fountain pen very easily just with your fingers, but sometimes not. This video shows how to easily swap out LAMY nibs using nothing but regular scotch tape. It's safe, fast, easy, and works well whether your LAMY fountain pen is inked or not.

What LAMY interchangeable nibs are available?

Steel Nibs

The main LAMY steel nib is the Z50, which comes in silver or black. These are available in sizes Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, and Broad.

There's also the stub italic Z50 nibs in silver, which come in sizes 1.1mm, 1.5mm, and 1.9mm. These are a great way to get a calligraphy-style writing experience from your fountain pen -- they're thicker on the downstroke, and thinner side-to-side.

LAMY steel nib writing samples


Gold Nibs

If you want to upgrade to a gold nib, there's the Z55 14k gold nibs in a two-tone finish. These are available in sizes Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, and Broad.

LAMY 14k gold nib writing samples


Specialty Nibs

There are also some unique sizes, like the Left-Handed steel nib, or the Cursive black steel nib. On occasion, you may even see Oblique nibs offered. Lots of options to try! 

We have writing samples of all of these options in our Nib Nook


Which LAMY fountain pens can use these nibs?

While the LAMY safari, AL-star, vista, and joy are probably one of the more popular fountain pen models for those just getting into the hobby for many reasons, but they're not the only pens that can use the LAMY interchangeable nibs. These same nibs will also fit in the LAMY abc, accent, aion, cp1, dialog cc, dialog 3, imporium, logo, Lx, pur, scala, and studio fountain pens. Yes, they're all swappable!

Basically, every LAMY fountain pen model, with the exception of the LAMY 2000, can use these interchangeable nibs

LAMY safari fountain pens

LAMY AL-star fountain pens
LAMY joy fountain pens
LAMY studio fountain pens


All of the LAMY fountain pens except the 2000 have swappable nibs. Some newer models like the Aion and Imporium have a slightly different style of nib, but are still totally compatible for swapping. Swapping nibs is fairly ease to do, and can offer you a great variety of writing experiences. 


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