How to Replace a TWSBI ECO Nib

The TWSBI ECO fountain pen is one of our best selling starter and daily writing options. With a huge ink capacity and affordable price point this is an easy option to pick!

One of the most common questions we get for this pen is if the nib can be swapped since there isn't an ECO specific nib unit for sale. Luckily, yes! We'll go over what you need and best practices below.


The TWSBI Mini Nib Unit

TWSBI Mini nib unit

While the TWSBI ECO nib is not sold on its own, it shares the same nib as the TWSBI Mini. The Mini nib unit comes as the entire grip section, nib, and feed. So in order to use this with your ECO, you'll need to purchase the TWSBI mini nib unit. To remove the nib and feed from the unit on the Mini nib unit, and the ECO grip section itself.


Removing the Nib and Feed

TWSBI Mini nib unit being gripped from the sides

The nib and feed are friction fit so you can gently pull them from the nib unit. Take care because if too much pressure is used the fins can bend and snap off as they are pretty fragile. TWSBI recommends gripping the nib from the sides close to the housing rather than the fins directly. You can also use a Goulet Grip or again, just your fingers as shown above.

If the nib is especially tight, our Customer Care Team recommends popping the pen into the refrigerator for around 15-20 minutes is enough to help loosen it up.


Installing the Nib into the ECO

Installing TWSBI Nib onto ECO feed

Be sure to key the nib onto the feed into its designated notch (you can use the original feed or new feed, both will work).

Installing TWSBI ECO nib onto fountain pen

Once aligned you can again grip the side of the nib and feed and install them back into the ECO grip section. Once partially in, you can switch the grip to the tip of the feed and top of the nib to fully seat the two into the grip.


Bonus Tip!

The TWSBI ECO comes with both a wrench and silicone grease to service the piston seals and unit in the pen if the piston becomes stiff or difficult to turn. Out of the box you should not need to use these, and may not ever have to. So be sure to keep them stored safely, but otherwise, write on!


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