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  • Edison Ascent Fountain Pens

    Edison Ascent Fountain Pens

    Our exclusive model featuring ombre colored resins.
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  • Edison Beaumont Fountain Pens

    Edison Beaumont Fountain Pens

    Vintage-inspired resin pens with a flat top, centerband, and #6 steel nib.
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  • Edison Collier Fountain Pens

    Edison Collier Fountain Pens

    Cigar-shaped oversized yet lightweight pens, great for long writing sessions.
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  • Edison Menlo Fountain Pens

    Edison Menlo Fountain Pens

    Rounded-end resin fountain pens with a centerband and #6 steel nib.
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  • Edison Nouveau Premiere Fountain Pens

    Edison Nouveau Premiere Fountain Pens

    Goulet exclusive model featuring popular seasonal editions.
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  • Edison Pearlette Fountain Pens

    Edison Pearlette Fountain Pens

    Slightly smaller pens with Arizona-inspired theming.
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  • Edison Nibs

    Edison Nibs

    Replacement steel and gold nib units, in #5 and #6 sizes.
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