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  • BENU Briolette Fountain Pens

    BENU Briolette Fountain Pens

    Multi-faceted resin fountain pens, many with sparkles throughout.

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  • BENU Chameleon Fountain Pens

    BENU Chameleon Fountain Pens

    Color-shifting resin fountain pens in a triangular shape.

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  • BENU Euphoria Fountain Pens

    BENU Euphoria Fountain Pens

    Faceted resin fountain pens with sparkles, a #6 steel nib, and are postable.
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  • BENU Grand Scepter Fountain Pens

    BENU Grand Scepter Fountain Pens

    Glow-in-the-dark resin fountain pens with a twisting helical design, sparkles, and a #6 nib.

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  • BENU Hexagon Fountain Pens

    BENU Hexagon Fountain Pens

    Sparkling resin fountain pens featuring a hexagonal pattern.

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  • BENU Scepter Fountain Pens

    BENU Scepter Fountain Pens

    Resin fountain pens with a twisting helical design and sparkles.

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  • BENU Supreme Fountain Pens

    BENU Supreme Fountain Pens

    Handpainted multi-colored fountain pens with a larger #6 steel nib.

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  • BENU Pen Holders

    BENU Pen Holders

    Resin pen holders that fit all our BENU fountain pens.

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