Meet Our Team

Get to know the wonderful team members who make up the Goulet Pen Company!

Adam Adam joined our Fulfillment team in 2013 and now serves as our Senior Fulfillment Supervisor, helping to oversee warehouse operations. He and Brian were in show choir together in high school. He attended Shenandoah University and has applied his studies to teach guitar, piano, and vocal lessons. Adam is married and has two children. He has developed a love for playing Dungeons and Dragons and enjoys playing monthly games with his wife and some of his fellow Goulet teammates. He also has an addiction to buying dice, and finds painting miniatures for his games to be a major stress reliever. Adam also has a passion for Legos and adorns his office proudly with his Lego mini-figures, over 100 and counting!
Adrianne Adrianne joined our Customer Care team in 2018. Although she called North Carolina home for most of her life, Adrianne resides in the best city on the east coast, Richmond, along with her husband Ricky, their dogs Dexter and Kahlua, and cats Max and Zoe. Adrianne is a fan of Doctor Who, sharks, ducks, and fountain pens. One day, she’d love to go cage diving and see a Great White shark up close. If you have a funny joke or pun, be sure to catch Adrianne on the phone or LiveChat when you contact us. She’d love to laugh with you.
Andi Andi joined the Goulet Pens team in 2017 as our Videographer. She hails from Arlington, VA and now resides in Richmond with her boyfriend, her cat, Figaro, and a new puppy. When she’s not shooting behind the camera, Andi partakes in her fair share of outdoor activities, like rock climbing, backpacking, and white water rafting. She was even once in the Boy Scouts through their co-ed Venturing Crew program. Andi dreams of taking a cross-country van trip and seeing all the beauty the country has to offer. She plans to get certified in White Water Rafting one day soon. For now, she’s excited to make videos as a part of our Media team.
Anita Anita joined our Fulfillment team in 2016. She hails from nearby Glen Allen, where she lives with her husband and blue-eyed Siberian Husky, Bandit. Anita is proud grandmother to four young grandkids, with whom she loves spending time. When she’s not busy being an awesome grandma, Anita can be found camping, gardening, or doing puzzles. In the fall she enjoys watching the Dallas Cowboys. Anita has a huge heart and she admits that her motto in life is 'If I have it, it’s yours.' That sense of caring comes in handy for Anita when she is pulling and packing every order she handles here with a ridiculous amount of care.
Bonny Bonny joined the Goulet Pens team as our Bookkeeper in 2015. She’s a master of details and helps our Inventory Team by keeping our finances in order. She loves to be anywhere it’s warm, and is often wishing it was summer all year round. She’s been bungee jumping and zip lining, so next up on her bucket list is to visit Hawaii. She’s a fan of sending and receiving handwritten letters, and has a weakness for all things chocolate. Bonny is passionate about line dancing and country two-stepping and has also developed an interest in ballroom dancing. Bonny and her husband have lived in the Richmond area for over twenty years.
Brandon Brandon has been a member of our Fulfillment team since 2015. He would drive a Zamboni to work each day if he could — and we weren’t located south of the Mason Dixon Line. An avid hockey follower and Philadelphia Flyers diehard, Brandon is our resident Broad Street Bully. His fandom spreads across North America, with the San Francisco 49ers and Toronto Blue Jays also earning his support. A Richmond native, Brandon is married and has a stepdaughter. Sitting atop Brandon’s bucket list is visiting Chicago’s Wrigley Field to see the Cubs, so if you ever have an extra ticket...
Brenda Brenda joined the Goulet Pens team as a Fulfillment Specialist in 2016. She is from Caroline County, VA and is the proud parent to three children, a step-daughter, and a dog, Trixie. In her free time, Brenda enjoys fishing and riding on her motorcycle with her husband, Shawn. She also has her motorcycle license. Brenda equally enjoys spending time with her granddaughter. When there is a football game on, she can be found cheering on the Dallas Cowboys. One day, Brenda would like to fly on an airplane, but she is equally content to be home, hanging out with her family and dog, whom she loves very much.
Chris Chris became a part of the Fulfillment team in 2016, where he puts great care into picking and packing every order he touches. Chris is in a wonderful relationship with the love of his life and they have two children together. They reside in Midlothian with their cat, Stache, and Guinea Pig, Cinnamon. In his spare time, Chris likes to fish, play guitar, garden, and watch sports. He is a fan of the Buffalo Bills, Virginia Tech football, and D.C. United soccer. When thinking about his bucket list, Chris would really like to experience piloting a jet or going on a 'ride along' in an F-18 Super Hornet.
Christian Christian is our Inventory Manager, having originally joined our team in 2015 as an Inventory Control Analyst. He is originally from New York, but headed south to attend Virginia Tech. An avid traveler and a fan of the mountains, he's always on the hunt for a good porch with a great view. He hopes his passion for traveling will take him abroad again so he'll be able to cross 'motorcycling through Europe' off his bucket list. Christian also enjoys the beer and food scene around Richmond when he’s not looking to travel. He and his wife Tori have a beautiful daughter and have settled down here in Richmond.
Cindy Cindy joined Goulet Pens as an order processor in 2015. A green thumb with classic tastes, the only place Cindy would rather be than mulching and pruning in her back yard is curled up on the couch watching some classic B&W cinema. She’s got a soft spot for movies such as 'Come Back Little Sheeba' and 'It’s a Wonderful Life' — and any films starring Jimmy Stewart. She has two grown children, two grandchildren, a dog, and a closet full of jigsaw puzzles. Cindy can put together a 1,000-piece puzzle faster than Bernanke Black ink dries on a Rhodia DotPad.
Colin Colin joined our Media team in 2016 as a Community Coordinator, engaging with customers and answering questions on our social media channels. He came to us from Northern Virginia and is now settled here with his wife, Emily, and their adorable German Shorthaired Pointer, June. Colin enjoys cooking and exploring new restaurants and bars, especially if they're broadcasting the Washington Capitals games. He enjoys watching football games of both types, favoring West Ham United and the Washington Redskins. Colin dreams of one day traveling to Europe and experiencing sporting events over there, be it soccer or rugby.
Crystal Crystal has been at Goulet Pens since 2013 and serves as our Quality and Production Specialist. She is extremely gifted in designing and creating crafts of all kinds, from cross-stitching to sewing together complete costumes! She and her friends attend anime conventions and competing in costume contests. Crystal enjoys reading the Harry Potter series it in its entirety at least once a year! She is most happy when seated by a wood stove roaring with a crackling fire with a cat curled up in her lap, a cup of hot chocolate, and a good book. Crystal enjoys cheering on her Dallas Cowboys as they play the Washington Redskins, and hopes to witness that matchup in person one day.
Drew Drew is our Customer Care Manager and supports his team in any and all ways he can. He was one of our first hires back in 2011. Drew and Brian have been friends since 3rd grade, where they shared a love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Drew loves to edit videos, often of his kayak trips. He also has a passion for European power metal, video games, comics, and just about anything from the 80's. Drew can often be overheard discussing the latest MMA fights around the lunch table. Drew loves enjoying a fresh ground cup of locally roasted coffee at home, but he can totally get down with some Dunkin Donuts coffee on the go. He lives in Richmond with his wife Shannon, their little boy, and their two Welsh Corgis.
Eric Eric joined our Fulfillment Team in 2015 and has been picking, packing, and shipping your orders ever since. Eric is a lifelong Richmond resident and he loves the fountain pen world, game design, motorcycles, and movies. He has blended his interest of fountain pens with his hobbies and frequently tinkers with his pens while writing design ideas. Eric says he is most passionate about finding art in the simplest of things. He hopes to publish a handful of card and board games and visit as many craft breweries as he can.
Jamilia Jamilia has been picking, packing, and shipping with passion and care on our Fulfillment Team since 2016. She hails from Richmond, VA where she lives with her beautiful daughter and awesome Doberman Pinscher, Ms. Lady Girl. She loves to spend time with her daughter (they can often be found playing dress up), indulge in some retail shopping, or relax and unwind with some candlelit reading time. She is a very enthusiastic Pittsburg Steelers fan. Jamilia’s smile lights up whatever room she walks into and she says that one of her joys in life is having good conversations and making other people smile.
Jen F. Jen F. joined our team as the Director of Human Resources in 2016. She hails from Petersburg, VA and currently resides in Powhatan with her partner in crime, Steven. Jen and Steven enjoy spending time with their gaggle of nieces and nephews that keep them quite busy. Quite the world traveller, Jen has taken a volunteer trip to Liberia, West Africa, as well as trips to Europe, and dreams of one day traveling to each of the continents. For now, she can be found reading, brushing up on her photography, practicing some yoga, or enjoying anything on the water.
Jen O. Jen O. joined our Media team in 2017, where she enjoys engaging with all of our Instagram fans and working on our newsletter. She lives in Richmond with her husband and their cat, Whiskey. When Jen isn’t learning the fountain pen ropes, she enjoys playing video games, reading books and comics, and seeing live music. She also knows her way around the kitchen. Jen has an eager excitement for learning new things and seeing new sights. She dreams of traveling to Japan one day. But for now, she’s more than happy to enjoy quality time with friends and family whenever she can.
Jenn Jenn joined the Goulet Pen Company in 2016 as the Executive Assistant to Brian. Born and raised in SoCal (Southern California), she now resides here in Virginia with her husband, three children, and their dog and cat. Jenn takes great pleasure in a perfectly grilled steak, a lazy Saturday morning with her family, and quiet time with a good book. In her free time, she can be found training dogs, something she has done faithfully for over 10 years. Jenn hopes to go bungee jumping and skydiving and hopes she will eventually drum up the courage to have a go at cliff diving. Until then, she’s more than happy to chat about it here at the lunch table here at Goulet Pens.
Jeremy Wh. Jeremy Wh. joined the Inventory team as our Data Analyst in 2016. Although born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Jeremy has lived all over the country in Maryland, Texas, New Jersey, and Georgia. He enjoys spending time with the lights of his life: his wife, Emily, and their son, Simon, as well as their tortoiseshell cat, Pumpkin. He also likes spending time hiking or playing video games, and is a fan of Harry Potter and fountain pens. Fun fact, Jeremy has kept a dream journal for almost 20 years, collecting approximately 450 dreams so far!
Jeremy Wo. Jeremy Wo. joined our Customer Care team in 2014. He grew up in Virginia but moved to Nashville, TN for 10 years to immerse himself in the music scene. Jeremy and his wife have a little girl, who also enjoys music, and a little boy, who loves all things cars and trains. Jeremy exercises his passion for writing and recording music regularly and he and his wife are both very active in their church’s music ministry. He also is an avid fisherman and loves being on the water. But his favorite pastime of all is spending time with his family.
Jessica Jessica joined our Fulfillment team in late 2013, and moved to our Customer Care team in early 2015. She is an avid runner and enjoys long rides on her road bike, constantly pushing herself to get in that extra mile over her previous distances. Jessica hopes to run in the next Richmond Half Marathon. Richmond has Jessica’s heart with its delicious food scene, the gorgeous river, and just the overall vibe of the city as a whole. She could not imagine living anywhere else. She is a fan of the shows Game of Thrones and Stranger Things and enjoys collecting and repairing vintage fountain pens.
Joe Joe originally joined our Fulfillment team in 2014, and in 2015 transitioned over to our Inventory Team where he now places purchase orders and builds vendor relationships. He is an avid wildlife photographer in his spare time. He loves twisting, turning, and trailblazing to find that perfect shot! His favorite spot is the Boundary Water area of Minnesota, a place so remote and unfettered by humans that the wildlife teems in abundance. Joe also enjoys canoeing, horseback riding, and rock climbing, so it’s no surprise that the outdoors are a passion of his.
John John joined as the Director of Marketing in the fall of 2018, bringing with him two decades of customer-oriented communications experience. The unique intersection between lifestyle and product has been a passion for much of John’s career with former clients including Aspen, CO; the Virginia Tourism Corporation and the Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company. After living and working across the country he finally returned home to Richmond, Virginia with his wife and daughter. Endlessly curious, John is immersed in everything old and in need of restoration, losing himself the outdoors, and road-tripping across the country in his surprisingly trendy yet wonderful VW bus.
Katie Katie joined our team in 2014 and is a supervisor for the Fulfillment Team. She loves hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, sewing costumes for anime conventions, and creating intricate chain mail jewelry for the Renaissance Faire. Her favorite nature locale is Humpback Rock, where she married the love of her life in the fall of 2014. She loves the challenging hike to the top where she soaks in the gorgeous panoramic views and can listen to the pure sounds of nature. When at home, she loves spending time with her young daughter.
Kelsi Kelsi came aboard our customer care team in 2015 and is now our team lead. She earned her degree in mass communication from Georgia College & State University. She is married to her husband Stephen and is raising a rambunctious cat named Albus. Kelsi enjoys reading, cooking and running and would someday like to run a half-marathon. She also spends her free time mentoring local middle school girls. Her favorite TV show is HGTV’s Fixer Upper and she is truly passionate about healthy living.
Lydia Lydia joined our Media team in 2016 as a Community Coordinator and enjoys interacting with customers on our social media channels. She left the cold of New England to return to Virginia, having fallen in love with the Old Dominion while she was here for college. Lydia is a huge movie buff and proudly maintains a movie collection topping 250 titles and counting, but Gone with the Wind will always have her heart. Lydia lives for summertime and can be found working out, watching baseball games (GO RED SOX!), or attending as many country concerts as she can squeeze into her weekends. Her blue cowboy boots and Zac Brown Band t-shirts are her prized possessions.
Margaret Margaret is our Media Team Manager, originally having joined our Customer Care team in 2014, then moving over to our social media team the following year. Although she is thankful for her iPhone, she believes there are few things greater than receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. She graduated from James Madison University and now lives in Richmond with her husband, Josh, and their little boy. You can find her trying new restaurants in the city, volunteering at her church, or planning her next trip to somewhere warm.
Micah Micah joined our Fulfillment Team in 2015. He caught the fountain pen bug quickly and fit right into our company culture. A native of Harrisonburg, Virginia and current theology student at Liberty University, Micah spends his time brewing craft beer, philosophizing with friends, and scouring the Internet for rare Noodler's inks. Every week he hosts an event called PORCH, where he invites friends over to discuss theology, philosophy and perhaps try some of his homemade Vanilla Milk stout. He hopes one day to own a brew-pub and write a book.
Randall Randall joined our Fulfillment Team in 2011 and is responsible for making sure the warehouse is well-organized and the orders keep flowing. He's a champ at pulling and packing orders, and helps train new warehouse team members. He is a proud native of the Buckeye state (Ohio), and an avid fan of the movie Stepbrothers. He is married to his wife Ellen and has two children. His disposition is reserved, and he often shakes his head at the shenanigans from the others. He volunteers with Young Life in his spare time.
Robbie Robbie joined our Fulfillment Team in 2016. He has an affinity for vinyl records, physical fitness, craft beer, neuroscience, cannoli, and Thai food. Robbie admits that using the expression 'it's like riding a bike' doesn’t resonate with him, as he doesn’t know how to ride a bike. However, Robbie is especially gifted in the kitchen. His passion is creating recipes and producing a wide range of delicious culinary treats, as well as bringing people together for good food and fellowship. When he isn't in the kitchen, whipping up something delicious, he can be found working out, reading, traveling to new, scenic destinations, or volunteering his time.
Ross Ross joined our team in 2014 and serves as a Customer Care Specialist. When he’s not at work, you’ll likely find Ross in the great outdoors. He loves to surf, camp, or canoe whenever possible. Building a canoe and shaping his own surfboard are among the things on his bucket list. He’s also an avid ice hockey fan and player, with his support going to the Montreal Canadiens. Having lived in Canada, Scotland, Richmond, and few places in between, Ross still loves to travel experience new cultures, and is always looking for the next adventure. Ross is married to Sarah, our photographer!
Sam Sam joined our team in 2011, back in the garage days. He's been all over the company, first starting in the warehouse, then managing inventory, then HR manager, and most recently as our Director of Operations. He is another fellow graduate of our alma mater, Virginia Tech (go Hokies!) with a degree in Economics. He enjoys hiking, reading, and spending quality time with his wife Kelly and their english bulldogs named Justin and Huey. He'll never turn down a game of ultimate frisbee. He's also a bit of a spark plug and has a weakness for sweets.
Sarah Sarah joined our team in 2014 as our amazing Lead Photographer. She is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Photography and Film. She has been pursuing photography ever since the age of 12 with her mom's floppy-disk camera. She is an avid collector of quotes, and enjoys thrift store hunting for antique dresses, weight lifting, and listening to Elvis. In her spare time, she enjoys working in the darkroom with film and alternative processes, and is married to another fellow GPC team member, Ross!
Susan Susan joined our Customer Care team in 2016. She is originally from NYC but spent her formative years in New Jersey and Brooklyn. She has been married to her best friend, Paul, for over 30 years. Her children include two daughters, Megan and Rebecca, and three fluffy, wonderful dogs. She loves cooking, hanging out with family and friends and entertaining in her home. She is intensely proud of her Italian roots and studies her family heritage whenever she has the time. Some of our favorite Susan quotes include: 'Coffee is my spirit animal' and 'give me all the dogs.'
Trevor Trevor joined the Goulet Pens team in 2013 and serves as our Receiving Lead. Another native of Northern Virginia, he's been a great addition to our well-rounded and diverse team - bringing in a great attitude and positive vibe. Trevor's always got something planned - he loves to take the opportunity to go fishing or camping whenever he can. He's also a huge sports fan, and counts himself among the dedicated fans of the Washington Redskins and Washington Nationals. While his outdoor and sports interests keep him busy, the bulk of his free time is spent with the River City Band. A knowledgeable and passionate music fan, his band plays somewhere almost every weekend - with Trevor on his banjo.
Whitney Whitney came on board in 2015 as our Assistant Product Photographer. Along with Sarah, she makes sure our products are represented accurately and beautifully. She hails from Powhatan, Virginia but has made Richmond home after attending VCU and earning her degree in Photography. Her household is run by her Yorkie pup named Lou. What Lou may lack in size, she more than makes up for in personality. Whitney enjoys spending time taking care of her plants, writing, doodling and taking pictures of course! Her other talents include welding and saying the alphabet backwards incredibly fast. Searching for and enjoying great barbecue is one of her passions in life.
Zippy Zippy joined our Customer Care team in 2015 and now serves as our Returns Specialist. She constantly craves coffee, but has recently branched out and begun venturing deeper into the realm of loose-leaf teas. Zippy loves playing classical and acoustic guitar all by her lonesome or in ensembles. Zippy is pretty laid back and has a great laugh, which can often be heard about the office as she keeps the whole Goulet team chuckling. In her free time, Zippy is a doting mommy to her two kittens, can get down with some quality Netflix time, and is quite the taco connoisseur.