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  • Taccia Dancing Lights Fountain Pens

    Taccia Dancing Lights

    Limited edition collection featuring inlaid raden and colorful urushi lacquer.

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  • Taccia Kaga-Wajima Fountain Pens

    Taccia Kaga-Wajima

    Urushi lacquered limited edition fountain pens.

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  • Taccia Miyabi Fountain Pens

    Taccia Miyabi

    Cigar-shaped maki-e and urushi lacquered fountain pens.

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  • Taccia Miyabi Empress Fountain Pens

    Taccia Miyabi Empress

    Oversized cigar-shaped fountain pens with a massive KOP 18k gold nib.
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  • Taccia Spotlight Fountain Pens

    Taccia Spotlight

    Resin fountain pens with a Sailor steel nib.

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