Pen Plaza

View and compare the size and shape of all of our pens, all photographed and cropped in a standard format. Use the dropdown menus below to select each pen you'd like to view.

Disclaimer #1: These images are not true to actual size, as that would be a lot of work to figure out everyone's individual monitor resolution. These images are standardized relative to each other, and all are taken on 80g white Rhodia dotPad paper (5mm spacing between the dots).

Disclaimer #2: We've put a lot of hard work into these images and this site. I mean, A LOT of work. You're welcome to use copies of these images - that's why we watermarked them. But please, don't go passing them off as your own, or go stealing our code to put it on your own site. Thank you!

Disclaimer #3: You'll need to have javascript enabled in order to use this page (most browsers/computers do).