Tools for Easily Filling Your Fountain Pens

In the world of fountain pens, the joy of filling them with ink is an art in itself. Here we'll feature a range of accessories designed to make filling your fountain pens with ink a breeze. Whether you're a seasoned fountain pen enthusiast or just stepping into this realm, we've got a lineup of tools that'll elevate your filling game.

The Basics:

Cartridge Converters

Let's kick off with the humble cartridge converter. For pens that accept cartridges, these converters are essential for refilling from bottled ink. While some pens come with converters, others might need a specific brand's converter. These handy devices not only fill your pen but also double as cleaning tools for cartridge pens.

Assorted Cartridge Converters on white paper on light blue background

Ink Syringes & Transfer Pipettes

Ink syringes are versatile tools, perfect for filling cartridges, converters, or even eye-dropper pens. They're adept at extracting every last drop of ink. Meanwhile, transfer pipettes come in for precise ink transfers, ideal for mixing your own inks or filling eye-dropper pens and wider-mouthed converters. 

Goulet Ink Synringe set, one assembled, one disassembled, on black background

Goulet Transfer Pipettes - one inserted into a bottle of ink, standing upright, the rest empty and on a gray desk background

Innovative Solutions:

Ink Miser Products

Enter the world of innovation with Ink Miser products. The Inkshot and Intra Bottle Inkwell streamline the filling process. The Inkshot, a conical reservoir, facilitates easy nib submersion for quick and neat fills. Meanwhile, the Intra Bottle Inkwell fits into ink bottles, allowing clean and spill-free refills.

Ink Miser and box on wooden desk background

TWSBI Pipe & Pineider's Snorkel Filler:

For those seeking efficiency, the TWSBI Pipe and Pineider's Snorkel Filler come into play. These tools cater to various converter types, ensuring you squeeze every last drop of ink from the bottle, even when it seems unreachable.

TWSBI pipe filling ink from TWSBI blue ink bottle with converters in the background

Pineider Snorkle filler with various fountain pen converters on gray background

TWSBI Inkwells

TWSBI's innovative inkwells merge multiple functionalities. The Diamond 50 boasts a 50mL capacity and incorporates a filler attachment, making it a breeze to fill compatible pens and converters. Meanwhile, the TWSBI VAC 20a, with its 20mL capacity, offers portability while ensuring a hassle-free filling experience.

5 TWSBI Diamond 50 Inkwell on wooden background

TWSBI Vac20 inkwells in assorted colors on gray desk background

Travel-Friendly Solutions:

Pineider & Visconti's Traveling Inkwells

On-the-go? Pineider and Visconti have you covered with their traveling inkwells. These compact containers store ink, making it effortless to fill your pen wherever you are. They're especially handy for maximizing ink capacity in piston and vacuum fillers. 

Pineider traveling inkwell on wooden desk background

Visconti Traveling inkwell with ink in it and a pen showing how to fill

The Verdict:

While these tools aren't necessities for filling fountain pens, they sure do add a touch of finesse and convenience to the process. Whether you're a pen perfectionist or just love versatility, these accessories might be your saving grace in a pen-filling jam.

By offering a range of accessories, from basic to innovative, filling your fountain pens becomes an enjoyable and hassle-free experience.


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