10 Everyday Uses for a Traveler's Notebook, Chosen by You!

The Traveler's Company leather notebooks are a well-loved staple of many fountain pen lover's everyday carry picks. These cowhide covers are completely customizable and can be adapted to fit any situation where you could use more organization. This much freedom can be a little overwhelming though, and while it's a great value, it is a bit more expensive than some other jounrals. It can make it hard to justify without a clear vision of how you'll utilize it. Fret not, the Goulet Pens team has collected some handy suggestions from fountain pen fans just like you. Read on to hear 10 real-life suggestions for using a Traveler's Notebook from the Goulet community!

1) Journal/ Passport Cover

Traveler's Notebook and Passport size notebooks stacked on top of each other on a wooden desk.

2) Every Day Carry Organizer

"My every day carry – planner/calendar insert, sketching/watercolor insert, journaling insert plus spots for stationary,stickers,etc. it's full up and all gets used!"- @mitziemc

3) Studying a New Language

"I study German, draw, and then journal but have 3 different journal category notebooks because it helps me stay focused." -@phynnthehuman

4) Separate Notebooks for Notes on Different Topics

Traveler's notebook and accessories scattered around a desk.

5) As a Companion for Your Bullet Journal

"I use my Passport, paired with a Kaweco Brass Sport, as my daily carry notebook. I jot down quick notes and list items that may migrate to my bullet journal or use it when a smaller notebook is more convenient (taking notes in church). I also use a perforated refill for passing along notes and contact info to others. While the Passport is far too small for me to use as my bullet journal, it has become an integral part of my organizational system." -@benjamin.nielson

6) Keeping Track of Work Expenses and Hours

"I keep track of receipts for everything I buy per month in the plastic zip pouch. I log my hours I've worked in monthly calendar and journal to write an inspirational or motivational note to myself every day." -Karen F.

7) An Assortment of Handy Lists To Follow Up On

8) Wallet and Appointment Book

"I have a passport sized TN that I use instead of a wallet, with a notebook inside when I don't have my larger notebooks to write appointments or memos down." -Vivia K.

9) Home Planner, Health Journal, Financial Planner

"I own several and use 3 for different purposes right now. I've been using them for 3 years now. I have a B6 Slim that I carry in my tote bag that contains my wallet/financial insert, a notebook insert and a B6 Slim Jibun techo planner. I use an A5(Chic Sparrow deluxe) that has my home planner, a day journal and a commonplace insert and a narrow/standard TN as my wellness journal with 4 inserts-food/health journal, recipes insert, a notes insert and a sketch/art insert. I make my own inserts from scrapbook paper covers and good quality papers like Tomoe River." -Leigh H.

10) Note-taking During Important Events

"I keep mine with a @pilotpenusa Stargazer in my @nockco Sapelo. The kit comes with me to author readings and other bookish events where I want to take notes or sketches." -@booksforyears

No matter the purpose, the assortment of available insert notebooks for the Traveler's Notebooks are sure to offer an arrangement that fits your needs. What do you use your Traveler's Notebook for? Share your experiences in the comments below!