Fountain Pen Holiday Gifts Under $500

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

In this blog post, we're highlighting our top picks for fountain pen holiday gifts under $500.

Assorted fountain pens uncapped with winter decorations in the background


In no particular order, here are some of our favorite fountain pen-related gifts under $500!

Pilot Custom 823

This vacuum-filling Pilot Custom 823 fountain pen comes in a translucent amber brown color with gold trim, or a translucent smoky grey color with silver trim. It has a 14k gold nib and comes packaged in a gift box with a bottle of ink. 

Pilot Custom 823 close up in box with ink



Platinum #3776 Century

Each year Platinum does a limited edition Platinum #3776 Century, and of course, they offer certain colors year round. 

Platinum #3776 fountain pen in purple on a green notebook



Diplomat Aero

Beloved by many and growing in popularity, the Zeppelin-inspired Diplomat Aero comes in a wide variety of anodized aluminum colors. It features a smooth writing #6 JoWo steel nib, with some colors also available with a 14k gold nib. 

Diplomat Aero Rose color, uncapped, closeup



LAMY 2000

One of our best sellers year after year, the LAMY 2000 is an iconic fountain pen. Made from a combination of black polycarbonate and brushed stainless steel, this minimalistic pen comes with a hooded 14k gold nib. 

LAMY 2000 uncapped next to a yellow notebook



Sailor 1911

The Sailor 1911 has been a favorite of many. The smaller 1911S features a 14k gold nib, while the larger 1911L has a 21k gold nib. With many colors and nib sizes to choose from, you can't go wrong.  

Sailor 1911L assorted colors, uncapped and capped on lined notebook



Pilot Falcon

This popular fountain pen features a resin body and a soft 14k gold nib for some line variation when writing. A pleasure to write with, the Pilot Falcon is good for anyone!

Pilot Falcon assorted colors, capped and uncapped



Pilot Vanishing Point

The most iconic retractable fountain pen, the Pilot Vanishing Point is one of our most popular models and a favorite among many. With its 18k gold nib, this pen will work anywhere!


Pilot Vanishing Point matte black retractable fountain pen