Top 5 Fountain Pen Gifts Under $100!

Fountain Pen Gifts Under $100

If you’re looking for a special way to gift a loved one, I've taken the liberty of narrowing down thoughtful fountain pens and writing accessory options all priced under $100. Let's make finding the perfect, budget-friendly gift a straightforward and enjoyable endeavor!

Goulet Pens Ultimate Pen Maintenance Set

Goulet Ultimate Pen Maintenance Set

Keeping your fountain pens in top shape is key for smooth writing, especially after lots of ink refills, particularly those with cool pigments or sparkly elements. While a quick rinse with water usually does the trick, sometimes you need a bit more TLC. That's where the Goulet Pens Ultimate Pen Maintenance Set ($75) comes in – the ultimate solution for fountain pen lovers!

This set has it all: an 8oz bottle of Goulet Pen Flush, a handy empty vial for easy flush decanting, a bulb syringe, our ink syringe set, a Carton 10x LED loupe, brass sheets, mylar paper set, Micro-Mesh, a vial of silicone grease, our Goulet Grip, a polishing cloth, and feed brush. It's the gift that makes pen cleaning and tuning a breeze! 

Jacques Herbin 1670 Anniversary Ink Gift Set

Jacques Herbin 1670 Anniversary Ink Gift Set

If you're looking to gift your family and friends some premium quality ink but don't know where to start, the Jacques Herbin 1670 Anniversary Ink Gift Set ($58) is a great place! This fantastic set comes with five mini 10ml bottles of Jacques Herbin's most beloved inks, including the standout Emerald of Chivor. Packed with rich color and enhanced with gold shimmer, these inks truly shine on the page. If your gift recipient has a taste for elevated fountain pen inks, they're bound to be smitten with this set! 

Kakimori Stainless Steel Nib & Wood Nib Handle

Kakimori Stainless Steel Nib & Wood Nib Holder

One of the coolest parts about writing with a fountain pen is using different types of nibs for unique lettering. But, because most nibs come in one size, you have to switch them to get the desired effects of varying writing styles. The Kakimori Stainless Steel Nib ($57) and Nib Wood Holder ($33) duo is a game-changer for achieving various line variations without the hassle of switching nibs.

Unlike traditional nibs that come in fixed sizes, the Kakimori nib boasts a rounded and meticulously polished point, offering an exceptionally smooth writing experience. With a simple tilt of the nib, you can create a spectrum of line widths, from fine lines to bold strokes. The seven-inch Kakimori Wood Nib Holder, resembling a standard pencil, is universally designed to fit all standard nibs. Plus, its ink-resistant finish ensures durability for lasting use.

Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pens 

Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen - Iguana Blue

If you’re looking for a fountain pen gift tailored to those who love eccentric colors and designs, the Kaweco AL Sport fountain pen in Iguana Blue ($92) is the ideal choice! This pocket-sized fountain pen features the iconic Kaweco cap, and its vibrant teal color adds a burst of brilliance wherever it travels. Want to amp up the excitement? Enhance the experience by adding a Kaweco Sport pen clip to prevent misplacement and add an extra touch of uniqueness.

Esterbrook Canvas Pen Cases

Esterbrook Canvas Pen Cases

Know someone with a massive collection of fountain pens? The next gift in this guide can help! Esterbrook Canvas Pen Cases ($80-$100) feature a durable canvas exterior that protects your pens and accessories. Inside, choose a case with either 20 or 40 individual slots to cradle your favorite writing tools. Designed to accommodate various pen sizes, these cases are versatile enough for both fountain pens and ballpoints, and their sleek, minimalist design is sure to turn heads. Whether you're a seasoned pen aficionado or just starting your collection, the Esterbrook Canvas Pen Cases make for a thoughtful and practical gift.

With a budget of $100 or less, the world of thoughtful fountain pen gifts unfolds with boundless possibilities. Each item mentioned in this list is a premium writing tool that would provide a lovely gift and an amazing writing experience. So, whether you're gifting or indulging in these recommendations, let the ink flow and the words flourish. Write on!


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