Top 5 Fountain Pen Gifts Under $35!

Fountain pen gift ideas under $35

So, you're stepping into the fountain pen world for a gift, right? First things first, let's talk budget. Whether you're grabbing something for a pal who's not really into fountain pens or trying to surprise a fountain pen pro, we've got some fantastic and cost-efficient options under $35 that won't break the bank!


TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen - Clear

A revered and high-performing tool in the fountain pen community is none other than the TWSBI ECO/ECO-T ($33). There are plenty of reasons why this pen makes an amazing gift, including dozens of color options, an internal piston filler that provides a substantial ink capacity, and a smooth #6 steel nib. One of my favorite colors is the TWSBI ECO in Clear because of its transparent view of the pen's inner workings. The TWSBI ECO also offers a variety of nib sizes to choose from, but a fine nib size is a good default if you're unsure of their preference. 

Another reason I appreciate TWSBI is their exceptional presentations and packaging, which are not typically found in this price range with most pens. While being a piston pen might make it slightly more complicated to fill than cartridges, it comes with clear instructions and tools for maintaining the pen.

Fountain Pen First-Timer Package Set

Fountain Pen First-Timer Package Set

The Fountain Pen First-Timer Package Set ($28) is the ideal gift for introducing a loved one to the wonderful world of fountain pens. This thoughtfully curated set includes the best-selling Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen in a sleek, plain black design, a box of matching black ink cartridges, and a Rhodia No.16 (A5-sized) black notepad with dot grid paper.

This comprehensive package offers everything a first-time fountain pen user needs to embark on a delightful and smooth journey into the art of fine writing. Gift them not just a pen but an experience with the Fountain Pen First-Timer Package Set.

PuniLabo Stand Up Pen Cases

PuniLabo Stand Up Pen Cases

The next item on this list is beary cute! The PuniLabo Bear Case ($20) is the ultimate gift for fountain pen enthusiasts who prefer to organize their pens into a storage system that blends practicality with adorable charm. 

Hailing from the hit Japanese brand PuniLabo, known for its delightful animal-inspired products, this pen case is not only designed for adults but is also sure to capture the hearts of children. Crafted with easy-to-clean silicone and boasting high-quality craftsmanship, this case is a perfect companion for anyone on the go. Its versatile design lets you carry your favorite pet-inspired case wherever you venture. Zip it closed for easy transportation or transform it into a pen cup, holding your beloved pens and pencils upright on your desk. The clever design ensures easy access to your writing supplies and adds a touch of whimsy to your workspace.

Pilot Varsity Fountain Pens

Pilot Varsity Fountain Pen - Assorted 7-Pack, Medium

The Pilot Varsity ($3.50) isn’t your ordinary pen – these come preloaded with ink! These are technically disposable pens, but they make an ideal low-risk choice for newbies or those prone to misplacing their pens. The Varsity has a medium nib, which writes surprisingly well for the price; it’s definitely a pleasant introduction to fountain pens.

The vibrant mixed seven-pack ($28) of Pilot Varsity fountain pens is a fantastic gateway to the fountain pen world, and believe it or not, even seasoned pen enthusiasts find the Varsity a handy spare!

Wearingeul Ink Color Swatch A5 Notebook

Wearingeul Ink Color Swatch A5 Notebook

The Wearingeul Ink Color Swatch A5 Notebook ($9) makes for a fantastic gift, especially for those who cherish the art of fountain pen writing and color exploration. This A5 notebook is meticulously designed for cataloging your favorite fountain pen colors. Crafted with Wearingeul's Impressions paper, boasting a weight of 200g/m², each sheet features nine bottle images, providing ample space to showcase a vast ink collection. The thoughtful design includes two lines beneath each image, allowing you to note the ink name corresponding to the bottle image. Whether you prefer drawing directly with your fountain pen or applying ink with a swab or brush, this notebook accommodates your creative preferences. 

There are lots of other newer affordable products for the ink lover that will help them catalogue their inks in a fun way. 

There you have it – my curated suggestions for fountain pen gifts under $35! Within this budget-friendly range, these recommendations promise both quality and affordability, ensuring that your gift will delight any fountain pen enthusiast or those venturing into the realm of elegant writing instruments.


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