Top 5 Fountain Pen Gifts Under $50!

Fountain Pen Gifts under $50

When stepping into the fountain pen world during the gift-hunting season, figuring out your budget is the first step. Whether you're grabbing something for someone who's not exactly a fountain pen expert or looking for a gift for an avid user, I've got you covered with some cool options under 50 bucks. These picks are great choices that won't burn a hole in your wallet.

Pilot Parallel Pen Hand Lettering Calligraphy Set

Pilot Parallel Pen Hand Lettering Calligraphy Set

The Pilot Parallel Pen Hand Lettering Calligraphy Set ($37) is a total game-changer for anyone who enjoys all things calligraphy. This boxed set hooks you up with four funky Parallel fountain pens in different sizes and colors – red, orange, green, and blue. Plus, you get a bunch of black ink cartridges and a rad rainbow pack of 12 blendable shades. They even throw in a pipette and nib cleaner to keep things manageable. And don't sweat it if you're new to this – there's a guidebook made just for the Parallel. It's perfect for getting into hand lettering! 

The Parallel Pen's breakthrough nib design allows for crisp, smooth-flowing lines, and blending colors by holding two nibs together adds a unique dimension to artistic expression. Get ready to add a splash of creativity to your writing with the Pilot Parallel Pen Set!

LAMY AL-star fountain pens

LAMY AL-star fountain pen - petrol (special edition)

As one of the special edition colors for 2023, the LAMY AL-star in petrol ($37.60) is a deep teal anodized aluminum pen that's an exceptional gift choice. The AL-star features a smoky gray translucent triangular grip section, making it user-friendly for beginners while still being adored by fountain pen aficionados of all experience levels. The interchangeable silver steel nib adds a customizable touch to the writing experience, allowing users to easily swap out nib sizes.

This fountain pen comes ready to use with a blue LAMY ink cartridge, making it convenient for immediate writing enjoyment. For those who prefer bottled ink, the option to purchase a LAMY Z28 converter adds an extra layer of versatility to this stylish and functional gift.

Fancy Ink Bottles

Colorverse Pillars of Creation & Mystic Mountain - 65ml + 15ml Bottled Ink

Unbox cosmic joy with the Colorverse Pillars of Creation & Mystic Mountain Bottled Ink Set ($38) that comes with a whopping 65ml bottle of Pillars of Creation and a cute and tiny 15ml bottle of Mystic Mountain shimmering fountain pen ink. These inks will add a touch of interstellar charm to your gift recipient's writing escapades with mesmerizing hues and a hint of shimmer. Crafted with love in South Korea, Colorverse inks promise an out-of-this-world writing experience. 

There are many other luxury fountain pens inks that are packaged in beautiful glass bottles that make great gifts, including inks from Colorverse, Ferris Wheel Press, Jacques Herbin, Pelikan Edelstein, and Pilot Iroshizuku

Esterbrook Butterfly Book Holders

Esterbrook Butterfly Book Holders in yellow and teal

The Esterbrook Butterfly Book Holder ($50) is a delightful gift for anyone who enjoys the art of journaling, writing, or sketching. This handy little tool ensures your book stays open, freeing your hands to unleash creativity on its pages. The perfect size for any journal, these book holders are not only functional but also exquisitely crafted to be as beautiful as they are useful. With a butterfly for everyone, this charming accessory is an ideal way to bring a little bit of joy to your friends, family, or colleagues this holiday season!

Endless 5-Pen Companion Pouch

Endless 5-Pen Companion Pouch - Brown

Gear up for endless writing escapades with the Endless 5-Pen Companion Pouch ($50) – a superhero of pen storage! This premium pen accessory is crafted from luxurious full-grain brown leather and has room for five pens and a spare ink cartridge. The adjustable elastic strap secures fountain pens of all sizes, providing peace of mind, while the soft suede-like lining keeps your pens snug and protected. As an added bonus, there's even a spot for a pocket-sized notebook – and a free Endless Storyboard notebook is included to kickstart your creative endeavors.

These handpicked recommendations for fountain pen gifts under $50 are not just about the price; they embody a perfect blend of quality and style. Whether you opt for a nice fountain pen, ink, or accessory, these selections will surely bring joy to any writing enthusiast without breaking the bank.


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