Top 5 Fountain Pen Gifts Over $100!

Fountain Pen Gifts Over $100

With a more generous budget, exploring intriguing fountain pens becomes an exciting venture, especially with the allure of gold nibs. Investing in a more sophisticated pen becomes justifiable if you're celebrating a special milestone, such as an anniversary, graduation, or retirement. To help narrow down your choices, I've curated a selection of fountain pens and writing accessories boasting magnificent designs, exquisite nibs, and rare qualities that set them apart from the rest.

Whether you're searching for a refined gift for a special occasion or looking to enhance your own writing experience, this collection of premium fountain pens and accessories, priced over $100, represents an impeccable blend of style and functionality.


Pilot E95s Fountain Pen

Pilot E95s Fountain Pen - Burgundy/Ivory

Suppose your gift recipient is into more of a vintage vibe. In that case, the Pilot E95s Burgundy/Ivory Fountain Pen ($144) does an amazing job of combining the nostalgia of a retro pen with the convenience of a modern one. This E95s boasts a timeless design that exudes class without being overly extravagant. It glides across paper with its inlaid 14k gold nib, offering a writing experience so smooth it's like poetry in motion. But that's not all – you have the freedom to choose between the Pilot CON-40 converter and Pilot's proprietary ink cartridges to fill this pen up. You can't go wrong with this pen, as even its matte black packaging is beautiful enough to give as is.

BENU Euphoria Fountain Pens

BENU Euphoria Fountain Pen - Iced Caramel Latte (Special Edition)

Wake up and smell the coffee! The special edition BENU Euphoria Iced Caramel Latte fountain pen ($149) is part of our Goulet-exclusive Refreshment collection and makes for a gift that's sure to energize your loved ones! This pen draws inspiration from the delightful Iced Caramel Latte, and its resin design takes you on a journey from rich coffee brown to warm caramel, complete with swirling patterns reminiscent of cream blending into your coffee. Ergonomically crafted for extended writing comfort, this pen boasts a silver Schmidt #6 stainless steel nib and a convenient cap that pushes to post. Whether using the standard international converter, the included long blue ink cartridge, or transforming it into an eyedropper pen with a massive ink capacity, the BENU Euphoria promises an exceptional writing experience!

Diamine InkVent Calendar 2023 (Purple Edition)

Diamine InkVent Calendar 2023 (Purple Edition)

Present your family with the gift of joyful anticipation with the Diamine 2023 InkVent Calendar: Purple Edition ($115)! Unwrap excitement as you discover 24 unique 12ml plastic ink bottles each day throughout December, and the grand finale on the twenty-fifth day boasts a generous 30ml plastic ink bottle. This calendar is a treasure trove of ink wonders, from standard inks to sheening, shimmering, scented, and more. We won't spoil the surprise of the colors, but this InkVent Calendar is a must-have! 

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Manyo Fountain Pen Sets

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Manyo Pen & Ink Sets

If you're trying to decide whether to gift a pen versus an ink, save yourself the trouble and get both with the Sailor Pro Gear Slim Manyo Pen Sets ($280-$312). These ink and pen combinations are inspired by the beauty of nature and offer a diverse range of color options that are sure to please even the pickiest of people. Each pen in this set comes with a complementary ink shade that evokes a sense of tranquility and peace. From the smooth gliding of the nib to the richness of the ink, these sets are a testament to Sailor's commitment to craftsmanship and will give your gift recipient the best of both worlds.

Galen Leather Zippered A5 Notebook Folios

Galen Leather Zippered A5 Notebook Folio - Crazy Horse Brown

Gift the Galen Leather A5 Zippered Notebook Folio in Crazy Horse Brown ($119) for the ultimate organization and style upgrade! Say goodbye to searching for your pens deep in your bag – this folio is a game-changer. It features four credit card holders, a long pocket for your passport or phone, and a sleeve for your iPad on the left side. The right side provides space for a hard or soft cover A5 notebook, with versatile slots for sidebound or topbound options. But that's not all – a removable 4-slot pen holder, two extra pen slots, and a slot for your charger, earbuds, or cable ensure you're ready for anything. Handmade with care in Turkey, the Crazy Horse Brown leather adds a touch of ruggedness, showcasing distressed brown tones that age beautifully. 

There you have it! These recommendations for fountain pen gifts priced over $100 represent a thoughtfully selected array that made the cut amidst a plethora of outstanding options. Considering the countless noteworthy contenders, narrowing down the choices to these items was no easy feat! I hope this list is helpful as you embark on the journey of selecting the perfect fountain pen gift. Write on!


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