5 Game-Changing Fountain Pen Accessories

We believe the 5 Game-Changing Accessories will make your fountain pen adventures easier and more enjoyable. Which ones do you have and which ones do you need to add to your accessories collection?


#5 – Pen Sleeve

Rickshaw single pen sleeve in black with orange interior

So, you've got a fountain pen – and you'd like to take that fountain pen with you when you go places. Get a sleeve! One simple sleeve will protect your pen from banging up against other things in your bag, or from an unfortunate fall from the desk. Rickshaw single sleeves are super popular because they're plush lined – but there are lots of pen sleeve options. So whether you have one sleeve or many, it's our #5 on the list of 5 Game-Changing Accessories.


#4 – Ink Miser “Ink Shot”

A fountain pen being filled from an Ink Miser vial

This one flies too far under the radar. Essentially, the Ink Shot is a little tapered cup attached to a base – but that taper is perfect for getting your nib and feed submerged into ink. Let's be real – most ink bottles have a "form over function" design. Sure, there are a few exceptions, but this thing is just 6 bucks and it allows you to simply not worry about a weird bottle design. It eliminates the struggle of getting that last bit of hard-to-reach ink from the bottle. You're not going to use it all the time, but it is a must-have accessory.


#3 – Converter

A group of fountain pen converters

Okay, this one might seem obvious, but if you have a pen that takes ink cartridges, please consider buying a converter. These little doodads take the place of a pre-filled cartridge so that your pen can be used with any brand of bottled ink. Some brands have proprietary converters, and some take a standard international size, but either way, you're going to be glad you have this accessory when you're ready to try out a bunch of new ink colors. If you're unsure which converter to buy, check out our guide!


#2 – Ink Syringes

A hand using a blunt-tip syringe to refill a fountain pen ink cartridge

We are deep into game-changer territory now that we've reached #2 on our 5 Game-Changing Accessories list. When you pick up a couple of blunt-tip syringes, you're basically buying new abilities. On the filling side of things, an ink syringe lets you directly fill a converter or internal piston pen. It makes it less messy than having to submerge your nib and feed in an ink bottle. Ink syringes also allow you to refill an ink cartridge and get that last bit of ink from a bottle. On the cleaning side, filling one of these with water gives you a handheld power washer for your dirty converters, and oftentimes one blast is all it takes to totally clear out an ink cartridge so that you can then fill it with any color you want.


#1 – Bulb Syringe

Two hands using a bulb syringe to flush out a fountain pen part

This video is pretty much a roundabout way for me to tell you that you should own a bulb syringe. The bulb syringe is the biggest game-changer on the list. Cleaning your pen with one of these will redefine fountain pen maintenance. There are a whole lot of places within a fountain pen grip section where ink can hide – and operating a piston over and over again takes forever. You can cut your effort down immensely by filling one of these up with water, plugging it tightly into your grip section, and blasting out all the leftovers so that you can get back to using your pen. Seriously, every fountain pen with a removable grip section should come with one of these. It's seriously that helpful. Check out this video on Fast Flushing your Fountain Pen


These little accessories will seriously bring out the joy of writing with fountain pens even more. We hope this has been helpful!


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