7 Perfect Inks, Pens, and Paper for Novel Writers

Want to write your masterpiece without being a slave to the computer screen? You're not alone. Customers tell us all the time how using a fountain pen brings the joy back to writing. If you're looking to do any sort of long-form writing, or you're even participating in the annual National Novel Writers Month, here are our top picks for products to make your words, and ink, flow flawlessly.

Manuscript Paper – Leuchtturm1917 Master

Leuchtturm1917 Master Notebook in black

For novel writing, the Leuchtturm1917 Master is the way to go. It offers all the pages you need to detail your sonnets, prose, and other works of literary genius. The Leuchtturm1917 Master features a whopping 233 pages of lined, blank or dot grid ivory paper that doesn't bleed. Each page is numbered and there's even an index in the front so that you can section off chapters or different projects. Plus, there's a pocket for you to keep notes and bits of inspiration. Another nice feature is that the last few pages are perforated, so you can brainstorm away without worrying about muddling your manuscript. The Master Notebook is the perfect escape from the keyboard. Take a step back and enjoy writing in the same way as your favorite classics.

Fountain Pen – Low Price Point – Pilot Metropolitan

Assorted Pilot Metropolitan fountain pens

LAMY AL-star

Assorted LAMY AL-star fountain pens

If you are looking for a great beginner pen that will stick with you through the end, the LAMY AL-star is all that you need. It is one of the most popular models for first-time fountain pen users. It has a lightweight modern feel that won't bog you down during long writing sessions. And if you are writing a novel in a month you know there will be long writing sessions.

Fountain Pen – Higher Price Point – Monteverde Invincia

Monteverde Invincia fountain pen stealth black

The Monteverde Invincia is just that — invincible. It is classic, hefty, and ready to write whenever you are. The Invincia is a statement and investment into your craft. When you stroke the final sentence, be sure to take a picture of this beautiful pen on the title page. It's sure to inspire a conversation wherever you share it.

Fountain Pen Ink – Basic Black – Noodler's Black

Simple, black, and waterproof. Noodler's Black is one of the most well known black inks available. It is easy to write with and won't budge once you lay it down onto the page. The bottle arrives literally filled to the brim with potential (so be careful when you open it). We dare you to write long enough that you use this entire bottle in a month.

Fountain Pen Ink – Color – Diamine Ancient Copper

Who says you have to write with black ink? One of the benefits of using a fountain pen is experimenting with color. Diamine Ancient Copper will harken back in time and your manuscript will have a warm antique feel. The deep brown color will often vary in shade between each letter from "Once upon a time" to "The End".

Fountain Pen Ink – Scented – De Atramentis Plum

For the ultimate writing pleasure, why not try a scented ink? De Atramentis Plum will add an extra element to your writing experience that you can only get with a fountain pen. The scent is purely for your own enjoyment. As you pass your book off to the editor and your readers, they will only see the unique deep blue color and the smell will fade away. It will really tap into your senses and every time you smell plums you will remember how good it felt to pour out your thoughts onto the page.

Of course these are just some of our favorites. There are millions of different combinations of pens, ink, and paper for you to experiment with. The most important thing is that you feel inspired!