7 Ideal Fountain Pens for Young Writers

Do you remember the first pen you ever used? What are things that you did or didn't enjoy about it? If you're looking to get a young writer in your life hooked on fountain pens, we've compiled the list you need! The 7 pens mentioned below have a variety of fun designs with equally enjoyable writing experiences. Who wouldn't love to pull one of these out of their bag and show off their "cool" pen to their friends?

Jinhao 993 Shark Pen

Jinhao Shark fountain pens

These are one of the most fanciful models we currently offer at Goulet Pens. The Jinhao 993 Shark pens are terrifically adorable and the price tag won't leave you screaming in horror. Bring home one for every day of the week, so each day can be a new adventure. The Shark pens come with a converter, but will also take Standard International cartridges for a mess-free, fun-fueled pen to take a bite out of any writing task.

Pilot Kakuno

Pilot Kakuno fountain pens

How could you not love a pen that smiles back at you anytime you uncap it? The nibs on the Kakunos feature a smiling or winking face, depending on the nib size, that gives them a playful appeal. The hexagonal shape of the body is similar to the classic wooden pencil and acts as a natural roll stop so the pen stays put on a desk or table to avoid the dreaded bent nib from a fall. The Kakuno is available in a cheery rainbow of color options.

Diplomat Magnum


Diplomat Magnum fountain pens

The Diplomat Magnum is a classic pen option that appeals to writers of all ages. The ergonomic grip section is comfortable for a diverse styles of pen holding and encourages a firm grasp of the pen. The color offerings range from classic Crow Black or Burned Red to the flashy Prismatic Purple (a Goulet Pens exclusive in the US) that has won the hearts of many.

Platinum Preppy

The most affordable pen on this list, the Platinum Preppy is ideal for young writers who are still learning to care for their pens. These mighty wonders can handle being tossed in a backpack and toted around all over. They are inexpensive, so a bent nib would not be the end of the world. Choose from Platinum cartridges for younger writers who aren't ready for bottled ink, a converter for older writers ready to fill from bottled ink, or eyedropper convert the pen for writers who need to take lots of notes and don't want to worry about running out of ink (check out this video to learn how to make the switch).

BENU Briolette

What young writer wouldn't be fascinated by all of these sparkles? BENU pens really outshine the competition for the most eye-catching pens. The Briolette model may very well be the shiniest of them all. These resin beauties are lightweight and easy to grip. They are comfortable in nearly all hand sizes, so you and your young writer can both appreciate a writing session with these glittering beauties. They take a #5 nib so you can easily replace the nib if disaster strikes. Plus, some models even glow in the dark! That makes it, like, the coolest pen EVER!

LAMY Safari

LAMY safari fountain pens

If your young writer needs a little guidance in their gripping of pens, the LAMY Safari is the way to go. This popular newbie pen is a fantastic choice for writers of all ages who use a three-finger tripod grip. The molded plastic grip section provides a comfortable place for fingers to rest while writing. Don't worry about these pens being delicate, their sturdy construction allows them to hold their own as an ideal daily carry writing tool. These classic pens also come in a rainbow of fun colors, including yearly special editions like the Pastels shown above.


TWSBI GO fountain pens

Doesn't this pen look like a ton of fun? The TWSBI GO is affordable and whimsical, with its visible spring filling mechanism. It's even a treat to fill! Unscrew the body and compress the spring and the pen sucks ink right up and is ready to write. The secure snap cap means no fooling with twist off threaded caps and there's even a small loop to attach a lanyard for easy access.

Filling a TWSBI GO with the spring-loaded mechanism