Fountain Pen Holiday Gifts Under $100

Happy Holidays!

In this blog post, we're highlighting our top picks for fountain pen holiday gifts in the category: Gifts Under $100.


Assorted fountain pens on a Traveler's notebook


In no particular order, here are some of our favorite fountain pen-related gifts under $100!

Sailor Compass 1911

Sailor recently brought this affordable fountain pen to the US market this year, and it has been incredibly popular! Available in clear plus eight other vibrant translucent colors, the Sailor Compass 1911 writes smoothly with its medium-fine steel nib. It comes packaged with a color-matched ink converter and ink cartridge.


Sailor Compass 1911 Fountain Pens assorted colors



Conklin Duragraph

The Conklin Duragraph has been a popular pen for a number of years now and each year they come out with new colors! The Duragraph features a #6 JoWo nib, and fills via cartridge/converter. 


Conklin Duragraph Demo



Monteverde Tool Pen

Always a popular gift, this multi-function Monteverde Tool fountain pen includes helpful built-in gadgets such as a ruler, screwdriver, and a level! Available in yellow or black.


Monteverde Tool Pen in black with a white background and some screws



Traveler's Notebooks

With a simple leather cover available in several colors, the Traveler's Notebook is incredibly versatile. While it comes with a single blank notebook included, you can customize it with a wide variety of other notebook inserts as well as other handy accessories like pen loops, folders, and pockets. 


Traveler's Notebook with black Pilot Decimo on top of it



Noodler's Triple Tail

Noodler's has continued to innovate its line of flex nib fountain pens over the years, and the latest Triple Tail model has been incredibly popular. With a clear body, it features a large ink capacity piston filler and a flexible music steel nib. 


Noodler's Triple Tail and handwriting saying Noodler's Triple Tail



Monteverde Ritma

New this year, the aluminum Monteverde Ritma comes in six matte metallic colors and features a secure magnetic cap, gunmetal trim, and a black #6 JoWo nib. 


Monteverde Ritma, assorted colors uncapped on a notebook



LAMY Studio

A step up from the popular Safari and AL-Star models, the LAMY Studio features a sleek design. Available in a variety of sophisticated colors including the special editions Aquamarine and Glacier Blue, these pens feature interchangeable LAMY nibs. 


LAMY studio foiuntain pen Glacier




One of our best selling fountain pens, the TWSBI 580 ALR has some great color releases every year.  The 580ALR model features a clear barrel, piston filler, and colorful aluminum trim including a textured grip section. 


TWSBI 580ALR Prussian Blue fountain pen



Monteverde Innova

This limited edition Monteverde Innova fountain pen features a black carbon fiber barrel accented by gunmetal or shiny chrome trim. It comes with an included bottle of ink! 


Monteverde Innova fountain pen uncapped on notebook


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