Return Policy

Part One: Return Policy

What is your return policy?

You can submit your return request within 60 days of your order date. Simply submit a request via our Returns Portal. If you are located in the United States once your request is approved, you will be emailed a return label to print out and use to send your item(s) back to us. The label fee (and any other applicable fees) will be deducted from your refund if your item is not defective. All returns are accepted at the discretion of The Goulet Pen Company. Any products found to be damaged outside of manufacturing defects will be returned back to the customer.

Read and agree: By submitting a return, you agree that you have read our entire return policy.

I want to return all or part of my order. How does it work?

Start by submitting your return request via our Returns Portal. You will need to have your order number and the email address used to place the order ready. You’ll then be prompted to select which item(s) you wish to return and the reason.

There are two different categories of returns: defective and preference-based.

If you have a return that is defective, see: Is my return considered defective?

If you have a return that is preference-based, see: Is my return considered preference-based?

Once I request a return, how long do I have to send it back?

Once we approve your return request, returns need to be postmarked within 2 weeks to ensure it arrives back to us in time to process and finalize your return. If you will not be able to return it within 2 weeks of submitting your request, please reach out to your Customer Care Agent to discuss other options. We cannot guarantee a full refund if you are unable to return your item(s) within 2 weeks of submitting your return request.

What resolutions do you offer for returns?

We offer a refund to your original payment method or a store credit issued via a gift card on all returns. Additionally, you will be offered the same item as a replacement for a defective return instead of a refund.

Part Two: Types of Returns

Is my return considered defective?

Defective means the item has either a performanced-based defect or a physical defect. Usually in the case of fountain pens, the Customer Care team will reach out to you prior to approving the return request to try and figure out exactly what is not performing as it should.

Examples of a defective pen include, but are not limited to: the pen has arrived with physical damage to it such as a break or crack; the filling mechanism does not work properly; or the nib arrives damaged out of the box.

In cases where we believe the issue is an easy fix via troubleshooting, we will offer that option.

If we determine the item is defective, there are no fees for returning a defective item.

How does the return process work for a defective item?

Once we have determined the item is defective, we will instruct you to submit a return request. For customers located in the United States, we will then email you a shipping label to print out and use to mail the item back to us.

Customers located outside of the U.S. are responsible for their own return shipping. International defective returns will be reimbursed up to the original amount paid for in shipping once your return arrives back to us. No customs fees will be refunded.

Once the return arrives at our office, we inspect the item and evaluate the pen for potential defects within 5 business days. Depending on the resolution you have requested, we can refund you, replace it for you, or offer you store credit via a gift card. Your Customer Care Agent will go over those details with you for your specific circumstance.

If you have requested a replacement on a defective item, we will set up your replacement order for the original item pending product availability. We are unable to make item substitutions.

Is my return considered preference-based?

Preference-based means you do not like something about the item and have chosen to return it. The item is not considered defective and performs within acceptable standards (and can be determined by our Customer Care team on an as-needed basis). Examples of preference-based returns include, but are not limited to: disliking the pattern or coloration of a pen, disliking the size or weight of the pen, disliking the nib size of the pen, or disliking the amount of feedback a pen offers.

How does the return process work for a preference-based item?

Once you have submitted your return request, and we have approved it, we will email you a return shipping label. This will have your return request number on it, which needs to be included in your package. As you will be charged for the cost of the shipping label we provide, you may opt to use your own shipping label, but we ask that you please email us the tracking number and include your return request number in the package.

Once the return arrives at our office, we will inspect the item for use within 5 business days. Depending on the resolution you have requested, we can refund you or offer you store credit. Your Customer Care agent will go over those details with you for your specific circumstance.

What do I need to include in my return package?

All returns need to have your Return ID number on the label or your original invoice included in the package. Additionally, you will need to return items to us in the condition they were received – all boxes, inserts, and included unused extras (such as unused cartridges, converters, or ink for example) need to be returned. If the item is not in resellable new condition, we may deduct up to 10% from your refund. If your order came with ink cartridges and they are unused, please return those to us as well.

We do not accept returns that have not been approved by the Customer Care team. Those packages will be returned to the sender unopened.

What items do you not accept as returns?

We do not accept preference-based returns on the following types of items: items purchased from the Bottom Shelf, used notebooks and inks, individual items from package sets, or gift cards. We also cannot accept returns on any items after 60 days from the original purchase date.

Part Three: Fees

What fees am I going to be charged?

Defective Return: No Fees. After we have confirmed your returned item is defective, no additional fees will be deducted from your refund. You will have the option for a replacement item to be sent out to you, or a full refund back to your original payment method.

Cleaning Fee for Preferential Pen Returns: $6.00. This cleaning fee is for any pen that is returned to us with ink in it, or has been used with ink. This fee is deducted directly from your refund. If you choose store credit instead of a refund to your original payment method, we will waive this fee.

Return Shipping Label for Preferential Returns: Varies. This is the cost of the return shipping label we provide you for all preference-based returns. It is a minimum of $3 but can go up based on weight. If you have questions about what your return label fee is, you can contact your Customer Care Agent. This fee will be deducted from the refunded item total. If you choose store credit instead of a refund to your original payment method, we will waive this fee.

Restocking Fee for Used/Damaged Products: 10%. This fee applies to any other non-fountain pen item that is returned to us that we cannot sell as new. This is usually due to damage during transit on the way back to us, and does not apply to any item that was damaged on the way to you. This restocking fee is 10% of the price of each product damaged. This fee is deducted from your refund.

Once my return has been processed, when can I expect my refund?

If you requested a store credit, the gift card code will be emailed to you immediately.

If you requested a refund back to your original payment method, it can take up to 10 business days for the refund to show up. Most of the time it happens within a few business days. Please refer to Affirm’s FAQ’s for any additional information on their refund process.

Part Four: Additional Support

I’ve had my order for a while, but just now got around to opening it. I have an issue with it, what can be done?

Our return policy is 60 days. If you have an issue outside of 60 days with a defective product, we will get you directly in touch with the manufacturer or distributor. Preferential returns cannot be accepted outside of 60 days.

I received an item as a gift, but it’s not quite right. How does a return work?

Due to how our system is set up, the original purchaser's email address needs to be used to submit a return. That email address will get all the correspondence as well as the return label. Once the return arrives back with us, it can take up to 5 business days for processing.

Can I include multiple return requests in one box?

Yes. If you are returning items from multiple orders, you need to have a return request approved for each item. Each return request number must be included in your package.

If you send them all back in one box, you need to make sure the label you use will cover the weight of the entire package. If additional postage is due at delivery to us, that amount will be deducted from your return.

Can I exchange my order?

While we want to make sure you love your goodies, if it is preferential in nature, we cannot offer exchanges. You can still return it, but we will not be able to send a different item out. If a pen is defective, we can replace it with the exact same model after your return has arrived back to us. Reach out to us at and we can help with specific questions.

Do I have to wait for the refund before placing a new order if I want a different item?

That’s up to you. As we do not offer exchanges, most customers opt to first return the pen for a refund or store credit, and then place a new order. If you choose store credit, your store credit will not be issued until after we complete the return.