Cleaning Ink Behind the Converter Piston Seal

I posted a blog earlier today about how I was stumped at how to clean ink behind the piston seal of a cartridge converter.

Standard International Converter on white background

I was given the advice that you can actually unscrew the back metal section of the converter, which then allows you to completely disassemble and clean the inside of the converter. I had tried this but apparently didn't twist the back off hard enough! :P

I thought it garnered a video, so here it is explaining how to do it.

I'm humbled that I hadn't figured this out on my own, and I thank everyone for letting me know about this. I've been asked about this lately, so I'm thrilled to now have a video to show people how to do it themselves. As always, if you have any tips or ideas you'd like to share with the writing community, let me know!