TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen - A Special Edition History

A visual look back at all of the new TWSBI ECO (and ECO-T!) fountain pens, including special and regular editions that have been available in the United States.

The TWSBI ECO fountain pen is one of our best selling fountain pen models and for good reason -- fans love its modern design, large ink capacity with the built-in piston filling mechanism, reliable steel nibs, and affordable price. The frequent release of new colors makes it a popular collector's item.


February 2023: Saffron

This TWSBI ECO-T fountain pen in Saffron features an opaque yellow-orange cap  and piston knob, with the triangular grip for which the ECO-T is known.

TWSBI ECO-T fountain pen in Saffron


December 2022: Royal Jade Rosegold

The most expensive ECO to-date, this special edition TWSBI ECO-T fountain pen features a solid green cap and piston knob, and a clear barrel. The pen is also equipped with a rose-gold plated steel nib, rose gold-plated trim, and even a rose gold-plated piston rod. Finally, an 18ml bottle of TWSBI Midnight Blue fountain pen ink is included, all set in a gift box.

TWSBI ECO-T fountain pen in Royal Jade RoseGold


October 2022: GLOW Purple

Continuing off of the success of the GLOW Green, this TWSBI ECO fountain pen in GLOW Purple does just that -- the light purple cap and piston knob both glow blue in the dark!

TWSBI ECO fountain pen in GLOW Purple

Purple under normal light

TWSBI ECO fountain pen glowing in the dark

Glowing blue in the dark


September 2022: Cerulean

The TWSBI ECO fountain pen in Cerulean Blue features a solid bright blue cap and piston knob.

Cerulean TWSBI ECO uncapped on graph paper notebook


August 2022: GLOW Green

TWSBI Glow Green Eco, uncapped on lined notebook


June 2022: Transparent Yellow

Transparent Yellow TWSBI ECO uncapped on white notebook unlined


December 2021: Jade



May 2021: Lilac

TWSBI ECO lilac fountain pen


August 2020: Cement Grey

TWSBI ECO fountain pen Cement Grey


March 2020: Yellow

TWSBI ECO Yellow uncapped


January 2020: White RoseGold

TWSBI ECO White RoseGold


December 2019: Mint Blue ECO-T



Septemer 2019: Transparent Purple ECO

TWSBI ECO Transparent Purple


July 2019: Coral ECO-T



April 2019: Transparent Orange ECO

TWSBI ECO Transparent Orange


December 2018: Transparent Green ECO & Transparent Blossom Red ECO

TWSBI ECO Transparent Blossom Red and Green


December 2018: Pastel Blue & Pastel Pink ECO

These two colors were originally exclusives to Asia before they hit the US market.

TWSBI ECO Pastels Pink and Blue


September 2018: Transparent Blue ECO

Now a regular edition, still one of the most popular colors!

TWSBI ECO Transparent Blue


May 2018: Pink ECO



March 2018: YellowGreen ECO-T

TWSBI ECO-T YellowGreen


November 2017: Blue ECO-T



August 2017: Turquoise ECO

TWSBI ECO Turquoise


October 2016: Lime Green ECO



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