Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen - A Special Edition History

A visual look back at all of the annual special edition Platinum Plaisir fountain pens that have been available. The Platinum Plaisir is a great option for someone just getting into fountain pens. It features a cap that prevents ink from drying, enabling smooth writing even after no use for a whole year!


2022: Aura collection - Healing Green, Merry Pink, and Symphony Blue

Platinum Plaisir Aura fountain pens


2021: Night Ombré – Night Blue, Night Gray, and Night Pink

2021 Ombre Colors of Platinum Plaisir


2020: 10th Anniversary collection: Morning Glow, Venus Belt, Country Sunshine

Platinum Plaisir 10th anniversary ombre fountain pens


2020: Teal Green

Platinum Plaisir Teal Green fountain pen


2019: Black Mist

Black Mist Platinum Plaisir fountain pen


2018: Bali Citrus

Bali Citrus Platinum Plaisir fountain pen


2017: Nova Orange

Nova Orange Platinum Plaisir fountain pen


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