TWSBI 580 Fountain Pen - A Special Edition History

A visual look back at all of the special edition TWSBI 580 (and 580AL and 580ALR!) fountain pens that have been available in the United States.


July 2022: Iris 580

This all-clear TWSBI 580 fountain pen in Iris features a rainbow PVD-plated steel nib, clip, and trim. Hopefully a regular edition ongoing! 

TWSBI 580 fountain pen in Iris


April 2022: White RoseGold II 580

This elegant TWSBI 580 fountain pen features a solid white cap, grip section, and piston knob. It is complemented beautifully by rose gold-plated trim including the rose gold-plated steel nib as well as the piston rod inside.

TWSBI 580 White RoseGold II fountain pen


September 2021: Navy Blue 580ALR

The TWSBI 580ALR fountain pen features a textured aluminum grip section, which sets it apart from the 580AL and 580 models. This 580ALR features navy blue anodized aluminum accents.

Navy Blue 580 ALR fountain pen


September 2020: Punch Pink 580ALR

Punch Pink 580 ALR fountain pen

 May 2020: Prussian Blue 580ALR

Prussian Blue 580 ALR fountain pen


May 2019: Purple 580ALR

TWSBI 580ALR Purple fountain pen


Jan 2019: Emerald 580AL

TWSBI 580AL Emerald


 Nov 2017: Rose Red 580AL

TWSBI 580AL Rose Red


May 2017: Turquoise 580AL

TWSBI 580AL Turquoise


Oct 2016: Pink 580AL

TWSBI 580AL Pink


June 2016: Lava 580AL

TWSBI 580AL Lava


Feb 2016: Green 580AL

TWSBI 580AL Green


Oct 2015: Blue 580AL

TWSBI 580AL Blue


April 2015: Purple 580AL

TWSBI 580AL Purple


Dec 2014: Orange 580AL

TWSBI 580AL Orange


Nov 2014: Red and Green 580

TWSBI 580 Red and Green


Oct 2014: USA 580



Aug 2014: Black w/ Rose Gold 580

TWSBI 580 Black Rose Gold


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