Conklin Duragraph/Duraflex History

A visual look back at all of the Conklin Duragraph (and Duraflex) Fountain Pens that have been available to us. The Duraflex term tends refer to an individually numbered limited edition out of 1898, whereas the Duragraph generally refers to regular editions or non-numbered special edition runs.

October 2021: Abalone Nights

Duragraph Abalone Nights


January 2021: Full Rainbow

Duragraph Full Rainbow


January 2021: Matte Black/Rainbow

Duragraph Matte Black/Rainbow


November 2020: Conklin Duragraph Demo/Rose Gold

Duragraph Demo/Rose Gold


October 2020: Conklin Duragraph Demo/Black and Conklin Duragraph Demo/Silver

Conklin Duragraph Demo/Black and Conklin Duragraph Demo/Silver.

Conklin Duragraph Demo/Black and Conklin Duragraph Demo/Silver.


January 2020: Water, Earth, and Fire

These three colors were part of the Duraflex Elements limited edition collection.

Conklin duragraph Water, Earth, and Fire


November 2019: Black Matte / Rose Gold

A Goulet exclusive, limited edition Duraflex fountain pen color featuring a matte black barrel and cap accented by rose gold trim. Each pen was individually numbered out of 1898.

Conklin Duragraph Black Matte / Rose Gold


July 2019: Freedom Duraflex

A limited edition made of flecked red, white, and blue resin. Each pen was individually numbered out of 1898 and came with the Omniflex nib.

Conklin Freedom Duraflex


July 2019: Blue Nights Duragraph

A Goulet exclusive run of only 500, set as a special edition (non-numbered) Duragraph model with choice of Bock nib in extra-fine, fine, or medium.

Fun fact: the blue material is the same that is used in the Conkin All American Lapis Blue.

Conklin Duragraph Blue Nights


April 2019: Sunstone Duraflex

Launched exclusively at Goulet Pens, this was a numbered limited edition with Omniflex nib only, limited to 1898 worldwide. An amber/brown resin with rose gold trim.

Conklin Duraflex Sunstone


October 2018: Turquoise Duraflex

Our Goulet Pens exclusive, this numbered limited edition was offered in both Bock nibs (as a Duragraph) as well as Omniflex. A total of 1898 were made.

Conklin Duragraph Turquoise


March 2018: Red Nights Duragraph

A regular edition, launched exclusively at Goulet Pens. Offered in both standard and flex nibs.

Conklin Duragraph Red Nights


February 2018: Black w/ Rose Gold Duraflex

The very first Duraflex! A Goulet Pens launch exclusive, this was individually numbered out of 1898 and offered in Omniflex only. It sold out in record time.

Conklin Duraflex Black Rose Gold

Conklin Duraflex Black Rose Gold


December 2017: Purple Nights Duragraph

A regular edition fountain pen, featuring a purple body and black cap.

Conklin Duragraph Purple Nights


December 2017: Merlot Duragraph

Fun story with this one – this was a factory mishap, in that the color was too similar to the new Purple Nights and upcoming Red Nights. We offered to clear them all out and sold at a sale price, and they sold out same day!

Conklin Duragraph Merlot


June 2017: Orange Nights Duragraph

Originally a Goulet Pens launch exclusive, this regular edition was the first of the "Nights" series with the colored body and solid black cap.

Conklin Duragraph Orange Nights


November 2015: Ice Blue Duragraph

Originally a Goulet Pens exclusive (our first), now a regular edition everywhere.

Conklin Duragraph Ice Blue


November 2014: the launch of the regular Conklin Duragraph line.

The original colors were Amber, Cracked Ice, and Forest Green.

Conklin Duragraph Amber

Conklin Duragraph Cracked Ice

Conklin Duragraph Forest Green


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