LAMY AL-star Fountain Pen - A Special Edition History

Every year, LAMY releases a special edition color of the popular AL-star fountain pen. Each is produced for a limited time, and is highly sought after by collectors.

Here we'll give you a visual look back at all of the annual special edition LAMY AL-star fountain pens that have been available in the United States, at least as of 2011 when we first began carrying LAMY fountain pens.


2024: aquatic and fiery

LAMY is adding a splash of color to the AL-star's grip section in 2024. aquatic is a bright spring blue with a translucent deep blue grip section, while fiery is a reddish-pink shade with a red translucent grip section. Both pens are complemented by an interchangeable black steel nib.

LAMY 2024 special edition fountain pens: aquatic & fiery


2023: lilac and petrol

We were happy to see these two colors introduced in 2023! lilac is a pink-leaning lavender purple, while petrol is a deep teal. Both colors are complemented by chrome trim and a silver nib.

LAMY AL-Star fountain pens in petrol and lilac


2022: whitesilver

whitesilver is a bright, glossy silver color, complemented by chrome trim and a silver nib.


2021: azure and cosmic

LAMY released two different colors of the AL-star special edition for 2021.

azure is a very light silvery blue, and cosmic is more of a pale gold color.

close up of LAMY azure and cosmic AL-star fountain pens


2020: turmaline

turmaline is a very striking green-turquoise color. This was accompanied by a matching turquoise ink which was slightly more on the green side.

LAMY turmaline AL-star fountain pen uncapped close up on gray background


2019: bronze

This bronze orange colored fountain pen was also accompanied by a matching ink.

LAMY bronze Al-star fountain pen uncapped over LAMY bronze ink splatter


2018: vibrantpink

This was a hot one! The fuchsia vibrantpink fountain pen was accompanied by a hot pink ink that featured added shimmer in the bottled ink version.

close up of LAMY vibrant pink fountain pen


2017: pacific

A true turquoise color. This fountain pen was also accompanied by a matching pacific turquoise ink which was nearly identical to their regular turquoise ink color.

LAMY AL-star pacific blue fountain pen


2016: charged green

charged green was a lime green that leaned towards the olive side.

LAMY AL-star charged green fountain pen


2015: copperorange

One of the most popular colors, copperorange was a deep yet vibrant orange. Also accompanied by matching ink.

LAMY AL-star copper orange fountain pen


2014: bluegreen

This aptly named bluegreen, a blue-leaning green, later became a regular edition color, then was discontinued again.

LAMY AL-star bluegreen fountain pen


2013: black and pearl

Two colors for 2013. The matte black fountain pen with black nib and trim is now a regularly offered color!

pearl was an elegant white-gold color with silver trim.

LAMY AL-star black fountain pen
LAMY AL-star pearl fountain pen


2011: ruby red

Our very first special edition LAMY AL-star color as a LAMY retailer. ruby red was a vibrant red, with a hint of brown, accompanied by silver trim.

LAMY AL-star ruby red fountain pen



There are several other special edition colors that preceded these, including the silver-blue, coffee, and more, but we weren't a LAMY retailer at the time these were produced. Yet somehow our own Brian Goulet has managed to get his hands on one of each! ;)

LAMY AL-Star Lineup

Brian's personal collection of LAMY AL-star pens as of 2017


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