Monteverde Regatta Limited Edition History

Featuring alternating bands of carbon fiber and other materials, the Monteverde Regatta has been one of our most popular showstopper fountain pens over the last five years. Here's a visual look at the limited editions that have been released:

2021: Regatta Sport Demo/Rainbow

Regatta Sport Demo Rainbown

2021: Regatta Mother of Pearl Black and White with Gunmetal and Rose Gold trim

Regatta Mother of Pearl

2021: Regatta Carbon Fiber / Abalone

Regatta Carbon Abalone and Carbon Fiber

2021: Full Abalone

Regatta Full Abalone

2020: Regatta Explorers Walnut

Monteverde Regatta Walnut and carbon fiber


2020: Regatta Sport Rosewood

Regatta Sport Rosewood

2018: Regatta Flagship Rose Gold

Regatta Flagship Rose Gold

2018: Regatta Sport Northern Lights

Regatta Sport Northern Lights

2015: Regatta Sport Rose Gold

Regatta Sport Rose Gold


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