on saleGoulet #6 Steel Nib - Silver (Old Design)

Product Code GP-26126

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on saleGoulet #6 Steel Nib - Silver (Old Design)

Product Code GP-26126

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MSRP $15.00

Silver (old design)

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Polished stainless steel #6 nib, made in Germany by JoWo and engraved with the Goulet Pens "GP" ink splatter logo. This nib will fit most fountain pens that accept a #6 size nib; feed and housing not included.

We are unable to install our nibs on any pens when you order. We’re authorized dealers for all the products we carry, and changing out parts of a pen with another brand’s nib (even our own) voids the warranty on that pen. You will need to do this yourself, though you can reference our video or email us if you have any questions about it.

Please note - this nib design is now discontinued. We will not be restocking once sold out. You may find the new version of our Goulet #6 Steel Nib here.

Nib Size
1.5mm Stub
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Customer Reviews

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Renewed Life for an old pen

Replaced an old titanium nib that was sprung by someone who borrowed and said they knew fountain pens. The old metal levenger writes better than it ever did. 1.1 stub.

Nice stub nib for Jinhao x750

I bought the Goulet #6 1.5mm stub to use in a Jinhao x750 (I love stub nibs for the majority of my writing) and it was definitely worth making the swap. This nib feels great with a shimmering ink. The stub is maybe a little more rounded than a similar size Lamy or Perkeo nib but still has a bit more line variation in my hand than some TWSBI stub nibs. I was nervous about doing my first nib swap so I chose an inexpensive pen for it and am enjoying it a lot.

Mario M.
Goulet #6 Steel Nib- Silver

Thus nib replaced the original nib on a pen which shall remain nameless. I was very disappointed with the original and after reading a review of the pen I replaced it with the Goulet nib, and the pen was writing smooth. Thanks Goulet Pen for making a disappointing experience better.

Goulet #6 Nib

I used one as a replacement on Jinhao X450. I found it to be an excellent replacement for when a pen & ink combination is a bit too wet.

Thomas G.W.

Lovely nib... The 1.5mm stub nib went nicely on a Noodler's Ahab with ebonite feed.Heat set the nib and very pleased with the results.Smooth flow and a little wet with x-feather black. This is the third Goulet stub nib I've purchased...works for me.