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on saleRickshaw Bagworks Coozy Case - Starry Night


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Starry Night
Retro 51 x Rickshaw Bagworks 2 Pen Coozy - Fire & Dice
Add a Pen Sleeve + $25.00 Retro 51 x Rickshaw Bagworks 2 Pen Coozy - Fire & Dice

Retro 51 x Rickshaw Bagworks 2 Pen Coozy - Fire & Dice

Product Code RS-CZY-2P-S-Fire-Dice

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This Coozy Case features an outside slip pocket and a blue paracord zipper pull. This Rickshaw Bagworks pen case features Van Gogh's Starry Night printed on a polyester canvas material, with a polyester canvas interior.

The multiple pockets can easily house multiple pens but you can insert several Rickshaw 1-3 pen sleeves (sold separately) inside for maximum pen storage. This is intended to be a case for your pen sleeves.

Rickshaw Bagworks pen sleeves are made in San Francisco. The exterior is Rickshaw's DigiPrint™ polyester canvas, and the interior is polyester. Black nylon binding and thread. All materials are colorfast and machine washable.

Pens featured in pictures are not included.

Rickshaw Bagworks
Pen Storage
Case Depth
53.9mm (2.12in)
Case Height
180.0mm (7.09in)
Case Width
135.5mm (5.33in)
Closure Type
Exterior Material
Polyester Canvas
Interior Material
Polyester Canvas

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Karen H.
Great pen bag!

This was my first pen bag I could not be more pleased. This holds three pens in there pen sleeve easily. There is a nice size pocket on the front if the bag that can hold a note pad. The bag is amazing the craftmenship from Rickshaw Bag works is the best you could ask for.

Excellent for what I wanted it for

I don't use this coozy case exactly as intended. I do store fountain pens in it, but I keep them loose in it, and not in pen sleeves. I put many, but not all of my fountain pens in it. I want to keeo my most frequently written with, always inked up pens in it. I currently have 17 on the inside and two in the outside pocket. Most are TWSBIs, Opus 88, and Kaweco, so there are some fairly thick pens in there. It would hold probably several more inside and maybe two to six more in the outside pocket, depending on size. I love it. I bought the Van Gogh Starry Night pattern because Van Gogh is my favorite painter and Starry Night is my favorite painting. I do wish Goulet carried some more colors of the coozy cases. I'm really impressed by the quality. All the stitching and finishing is really well done. Also, I was pleasantly surprised that there's a tiny little bit of padding in the front and the back. I don't have any truly expensive pens in it, and really only one or two that I would consider fragile (and those are very cheap and easily replaced) but it's still a really nice touch. It feels very durable. I'll want a second one at some point, and when I do, I won't hesitate to buy another one.

Beautiful case for my beautiful pens

I could not resist the Starry Night theme case and had been wanting something more elegant for pen storage than the cardboard box I was using. It is perfect!

starry night bag

Love the Van Gough print. Well constructed. Now I need to find the 3 pen cozy/insert in same print or another VG print...sun flowers?

Jodi T.
Great case

I love this case. It easily fits 3 of the pen coozies. Super handy for traveling or just to keep my pens safe and in one place at home.

FAQs about Pen Storage

What’s the best way to store an inked fountain pen? 8EDA1617-F73A-4DAF-8245-6D2BF4ABEB7B

There is no right or wrong way, but a lot of people find that storing them nib up is good if your pen tends to run wet, or nib down if your pen is more dry writing.

Horizontal is never a bad way to store your pens either, and is what the majority of the Goulet Pens team does.

Here's a video on pen storage options:

Help! My pen leaks when it’s in my purse/bag/pocket! 8EDA1617-F73A-4DAF-8245-6D2BF4ABEB7B

As fountain pen ink is water based, and fountain pens are basically a controlled leak, any type of jostling motion can cause the fountain pen ink to leak out. We recommend you do not carry them loose in anything where they could get jostled and cause the ink to leak out.

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We accept returns for up to 30 days from purchase. You can read all our Return Policies here.

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