Top 10 Green Fountain Pens

Green is nature's favorite hue, as it represents plants that provide oxygen for all living creatures to breathe in. Green is the color of hope, rebirth, and prosperity. Whether it's the lush emerald of a forest canopy or the quirky neon of a Southern men's suit, green is the color that keeps life vibrant and maybe just a tad mischievous. But sometimes, this shade gets overlooked in the fountain pen community compared to more subdued hues like black, blue, or brown. Because of this, I've decided to celebrate green by listing my (Drew’s) top pens in this refreshing shade! 

Diplomat Aero

Diplomat Aero Fountain Pen - Green

The Diplomat Aero is a fountain pen that exudes strength and beauty but still has a durable design. Each pen in this collection features an anodized aluminum body, but the vibrant green version truly packs a punch! This pen is designed to have a Zeppelin-inspired aluminum body with groove-like depressions on the barrel and cap. It also comes equipped with a satisfying, soft-sliding click cap that posts securely onto the barrel when writing and a JoWo steel nib.

TWSBI ECO-T Royal Jade Rose Gold

TWSBI ECO-T Fountain Pen Set - Royal Jade Rose Gold

Next on my list is the TWSBI ECO-T in Royal Jade with Rose Gold. This pen takes a basic green shade and elevates it to an enchanting forest green color adorned with gorgeous rose gold accents. Beyond its looks, this pen is an ink capacity champion with its internal piston-filling mechanism. With an internal piston, you can directly fill this pen with enough ink to get you through whatever writing adventure you're gearing up for.

BENU Talisman Four-Leaf Clover

BENU Talisman Fountain Pen - Four-Leaf Clover

For those who adore an unapologetically green pen, the BENU Talisman Four-Leaf Clover fits the bill. This wild, sparkly pen features actual four-leaf clovers embedded in its resin, a silver Schmidt #6 stainless steel nib, a silver clip, and pushes to post, ensuring you'll never overlook its green charm.

Platinum #3776 Century Laurel Green/Gold

Platinum #3776 Century Fountain Pen - Laurel Green/Gold

The Platinum #3776 Century in Laurel Green shows that green pens can be professional. This pen has a deep, earthy green color and is complemented with chic gold hardware and a 14-karat gold nib – the first gold nib on our list of green pens. Platinum's reputable 14-karat gold nib and "Slip & Seal" cap do a superb job of making sure your pen doesn't dry out on you and is another quality that makes this refined pen a premium option that won't disappoint.

Kaweco Liliput Green

Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen - Green (Limited Production) 

If you want a green pen that's also pocket-friendly, look no further than the Kaweco Liliput! This slim, lightweight aluminum pen is perfect for those on the go. This green aluminum version is half the price of the other models, and its portability is arguably at the top of the industry. The German-made Kaweco Liliput also writes exceptionally well and has excellent durability, in my opinion. I own this one, and I never get tired of it!

Platinum Prefounte - Dark Emerald

Platinum Prefounte Fountain Pen - Dark Emerald

Seeking affordability and quality in a green pen? The Platinum Prefounte in Dark Emerald has you covered. With a price tag of just $11, this pen is both budget-friendly and equipped with Platinum's reliable features, including Platinum's spring-loaded inner cap that creates an airtight seal around your nib to keep it ready to write whenever you summon it.

Pelikan M1000 Black/Green

Pelikan M1000 Fountain Pen - Black/Green

In the world of green fountain pens, the Pelikan M1000 in Black/Green reigns supreme. Yes – this pen is the Queen of Green, as its flagship status exudes sophistication and prestige with its classic black and green design, making it a symbol of excellence.

So far, every pen mentioned has been more middle-of-the-road greens. If you prefer some off-the-beaten-path greens, these final three might be worth a look.

Sailor Pen of the Year - 1911 Golden Olive

Sailor Pen of the Year - 1911 Golden Olive

For a unique take on green, consider the Sailor 2023 Pen of the Year, the Golden Olive 1911. Its olive resin and gold accents create a harmonious combination, complemented by shimmering elements. You can choose from a 21-karat nib on the 1911L or a 14-karat one on the smaller 1911S.

LAMY safari green

LAMY safari fountain pen - green

The LAMY safari in green is loud, bright, and cheerful. This neon-colored pen brings the lime vibes, but also durability and versatility. This writing tool is a great beginner pen and a great one to throw in your bag. If you get tired of the nib you selected, switching and installing a new one is easy.

Pilot Custom 743 Verdigris

Pilot Custom 743 Fountain Pen - Verdigris

Last but not least, we explore the green-blue border with the US exclusive Pilot Custom 743 in Verdigris. This pen features a balance of green and blue shades that provide a unique look. What sets this pen apart is the range of nib sizes available, including the double-broad and Falcon options.

That's my list of some of our favorite green fountain pens! Whether you're drawn to the vibrant, the distinguished, or the unique shades of green, there's a pen on this list that's perfect for you. Write on!

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