Pen Cleaning Set: What and Why

Have you ever looked at the Pen Cleaning Set on our website and asked yourself why you would need something like that? If so, read on to learn what's in the set, why it's helpful, and a bit on how to use each item.

photo of pen flush, bulb syringe, ink syringes, and a vial


What's In the Set 

Everything you need to clean your fountain pens! This set includes an 8oz bottle of our Goulet Pen Flush, an empty vial for easy flush decanting, a bulb syringe, and our 5ml ink syringe set.


Pen Flush 

While you can clean your pens with distilled or tap water, sometimes you need something a bit more effective. Goulet Pen Flush is gentle on fountain pens and will help clean the old ink out of your feed. The flush can be used a few times, so you can utilize the empty vial! Checkout this video on Brian's basic pen flush usage.


Empty Vials


photo of pen going into empty vial

An empty vial is an oddly useful thing to have. You can pour in a few milliliters of pen flush and use your piston or converter to suck it up and expel it back into the container. Using the pen flush this way means it doesn't go down the drain and you get a bit more cleaning power out of it. 


Bulb Syringe 

photo of bulb syringe

I like to tell customers that a bulb syringe will turn 40 minutes under the faucet into 5 minutes of flushing. By forcing water through the nib and feed you speed up the process tenfold! This video shows the basics of fast-flushing with a bulb syringe.


Syringe Set 

syirnge use on a piston filling pen

These blunt-tip syringes are useful for so many things in this hobby. From transferring ink from a bottle to sample vial, to refilling cartridges, or flushing out a converter or the inside of your TWSBI, they are indispensable tools. We've got a video here on all the uses for these little tools.


 A Clean Pen is a Happy Pen

Cleaning your pen does not have to be a difficult and time consuming process! Each of these items will assist you on their own, but having all of them available in one place (with a mild discount) is a good way to cover all your bases. Whether you've been cleaning your pens for years, or giving this set to a newcomer, The Goulet Pen Cleaning Set everything you need and nothing you don't. 

Don't forget to check out these helpful videos as well

 As always, reach out to our Customer Care team if you have any questions, have fun, and write on!