How to Use a Goulet Grip

The Goulet Grip is the handiest 1"x3" slip of rubber that you'll ever come across, perfect for removing those tough-to-grip pen parts such as nibs and feeds. This simple tool helps you get every part of your pen disassembled for cleaning or repair. It's also great for you tinkerers who want to know your pens inside and out!

A hand using a rubber grip to remove a fountain pen's nib


Why Remove a Nib/Feed?

So why would you want to remove your nib/feed anyway? You certainly don't have to, but there may be some reasons you want to:

  • Swapping nibs like on the LAMY, Edison, or Monteverde pens where nibs are sold apart from the pens
  • Cleaning/restoration, especially if you have old caked-up ink that acts like glue in your feed and want to really clean it thoroughly
  • Repair/replacement, heaven forbid you damage your nib and need to put in a new one

Examples of Removing a Fountain Pen Nib

I made this video to be an instruction on using the Goulet Grip on a variety of pens, and I wanted to include some of the ones that I personally have found the most helpful using the assistance of the Goulet Grip. this should be a great resource for you to remove the nib from the following pens, Grip or no Grip:

  • Why you would want to remove your nib (0:19)
  • LAMY safari (2:25)
  • Noodler's Ahab (2:34)
  • Monteverde Invincia Deluxe (3:01)
  • Jinhao X750 (3:36)
  • Pilot Falcon (3:54)
  • Sheaffer 300 (4:33)
  • Edison Premiere (5:34)
  • Platinum Cool (Balance) (5:49)
  • TWSBI 580 (6:29)
  • Pilot Vanishing Point nib unit (6:53)


Any time you take apart your pens you are doing so at your own risk. Any damage you cause to your pens taking them apart or reassembling is outside of just about all manufacturers' warranty policies, so make sure you're careful and well-studied before attempting to do any pen repair or disassembly yourself!


At under a few dollars, the Goulet Grip is a pretty nifty little tool that should make it easier for you to tinker around with your fountain pens. Pick one up by itself or in the Goulet Nib Tuning set.