The Best Fountain Pens in Every Color

If you're in the market for a new fountain pen, choosing from thousands of designs can be a bit overwhelming. Because fountain pens are so awesome, choosing just one is nearly impossible. To combat this, we recommend using categories such as price, design, and filling mechanism to pare down your options.

Shopping by color is a popular option. Looking for a blue pen? We got you! Need a professional black pen to woo your colleagues? No worries! Maybe even a brazen, brown pen to spice up your collection ‚Äď never fear! Follow along as I (Drew) name my top fountain pens in every color.


LAMY studio fountain pen - Lx all black

There are tons of notable black fountain pens on the market, including iconic ones like the LAMY 2000 in Black or the Pilot Vanishing Point in Matte Black. But, the LAMY studio Lx all black is an exemplary tool often left out of the bodacious black pen conversation.

The LAMY studio Lx all black doesn't have a slippery metal grip section like some of the other LAMY studio models. Instead, the all black has a very comfortable grip section and cap that not only posts well but also meets up exceptionally well with the pen's barrel. Its design features black everything, including an uber-stealthy steel nib and black hardware.


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LAMY dialog cc in darkblue

Blue pens are fairly common in the fountain pen community, which is why we're putting on our tunnel vision goggles and focusing on the LAMY dialog cc in darkblue. 

This retractable, quick-draw pen makes taking notes a breeze and comes with LAMY's first two-toned, rose gold 14k gold nib, which matches the pen's hardware. Who knew dark blue and rose gold could look this good together? 


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Visconti Mirage Mythos in Apollo

Now, let's get down to brown! One great thing about brown fountain pens is that even if you're not a gold hardware type of person, brown makes it work. This is especially true for the Visconti Mirage Mythos in Apollo. 

The gold hardware on the Apollo is a unique satin gold that Visconti introduced recently, which provides a sleek finish to a gorgeous, multi-toned brown pen. 


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Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen - Clear

For clear fountain pens, new and veteran enthusiasts alike would recommend a TWSBI. However, we think you should take a look at the Pilot Kak√ľno.¬†

The Kak√ľno is one of Pilot's best models because of its stellar design and affordable, smooth-writing nib. It's a tried and true dedicated performer and provides an exemplary writing experience for all who use it. Plus, the clear Kak√ľno is the only one currently available with an extra-fine nib in the US, meaning it's the only one with the silly face we've all grown to love.


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Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen - Green

The Platinum Plaisir has long been a model that could be compared to the Platinum Preppy. But when speaking about the Plaisir, you must acknowledge its gorgeous colors and the anodized aluminum body that creates some seriously rich and vibrant looks. 

The Plaisir has been spoken of highly, including accounts of its durability and performance. Ultimately, the Plaisir deserves a chance, especially the green shade, as it's the most mesmerizing of the bunch. If you're going green, go with the Plaisir.


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Diplomat Aero Fountain Pen - Orange

If you love orange fountain pens, you probably already have an orange Diplomat Aero in your arsenal. If you don't, what are you waiting for?

The orange shade stands out against all of the Aero's other colors. The anodized orange body and dark gray trim complement each other well, giving you a stunning pen you can show off on your desk that's sure to turn heads.

This color was challenging to pick simply because the Aero could've been chosen for so many other colors. This pen comes in so many unique shades, so whatever piece of the rainbow you're after, the Aero is a solid pick. 


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Pilot Explorer Fountain Pen - Pink

Fun fact: Hot pink and black are best friends. They're partners quite like Riggs & Murtaugh, Tango & Cash, or Turner & Hooch. That said, if you want a pink pen, go for the Pilot Explorer in Pink. 

It's fabulous, writes fantastically, and the Explorer's satin gloss makes this color loud and exciting. Also, if you're looking for an ink to pair with this one, Diamine Hope Pink is perfect for primping up your pages!


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Diplomat Magnum Fountain Pen - Prismatic Purple

The Diplomat Magnum in Prismatic Purple is the tool you'll want if you're looking for the perfect purple pen. Yes, there are other purple pens, but they don't have nearly the same dazzle as this Goulet-exclusive writing tool. 

This shade of purple sets itself apart from other hues with its iridescence and elegant feel. This standout tool is beloved by many because of its lower price and surprisingly comfortable nib. 


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Pilot Custom 74 Fountain Pen - Grenadine

Finding a red fountain pen can be tricky because it's generally not the most popular color. But that doesn't mean there aren't any red hot pens that can spice up your writing! Pilot's Custom 74 in Grenadine is a red fountain pen that just gets it. 

A quality pen with a legitimate, bright red color may be rare, but the Custom 74 in Grenadine is exactly what you're looking for!


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Pilot Sterling Fountain Pen - Silvern Tsumugi

At first, choosing the best silver pen may seem a bit daunting, but only one checks all the boxes in the silver category. The Pilot Sterling Silvern Fountain Pens are the only models we have at Goulet Pens that's literally sterling silver. 

This design flies a bit under the radar, but it has a terrific build and a phenomenal inlaid nib. The Sterling Silvern is a heavy pen but has a smaller build. It also has two unique and modern patterns that separate this model from other silver designs.


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Kaweco AL Sport in Iguana Blue Fountain Pen

In the turquoise category, Goulet Pens has a lot of options to consider, especially because turquoise is a trendy color. But the Kaweco AL Sport in Iguana Blue takes the cake out of all the pens in this shade. 

This pen is absolutely captivating! The aluminum colors within this model all have a distinctive softness, both in look and feel. The AL Sport is durable, perfect for traveling, and awesome for showing off.


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TWSBI Diamond 580 in White RoseGold II Fountain Pen

When white pens are done right, they can be stunning. Even if white pens aren't usually your thing, consider TWSBI Diamond 580 in White RoseGold II. 

The white and rose gold union is a tried and true design combo, but TWSBI really dialed in and got it perfected. Although it's not 100 percent white, this one is best because the rose gold trim was made with white specifically in mind. It has a sophisticated yet everyday feel that's perfect for people from all walks of life.


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LAMY safari fountain pen - yellow

Honestly speaking, yellow pens aren't always the most favored color in the fountain pen community. Because of that, you'll usually see a yellow option being dropped from a selection of colors. But not the LAMY safari in yellow! 

This unabashedly yellow pen has avoided the yellow stereotype and continued performing well. The safari is proudly yellow and has stood the test of time. Any other yellow pen is just a momentary flash of light passing beneath the majesty of the yellow safari's sunlight. 


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That's my list of the best pens in every color! I hope you enjoyed it.

If you need help finding a specific pen color, contact our Customer Care Team for more information. Have fun, and write on!