Sailor Yurameku Amamoyoi: Ink Review

Sailor Yurameku Ink on 3 different white squares of paper that are next to one another horizontally with the bottle in the middle above the middle square card.

Sailor Yurameku Amamoyoi is a sage-green ink that comes to life as more ink is pooled onto paper. Check out the full review below to see what kind of tricks it has in its bottle!

Sailor Yurameku Amamoyoi Fountain Pen Ink test, including smear test, drip test, and swabs on Rhodia dotPad 80 g, white paper



Sailor Yurameku Amamoyoi fountain pen ink written on white, 52 gsm, blank, Tomoe River paper.



Sailor Yurameku Amamoyoi fountain pen ink written on 80g, ivory, dotgrid, Leuchtturm1917 paper.


Ink Review 

Supplies Used:

Smear Test (Dry Time):

  • ~10 seconds – This ink dries fairly quickly, depending on how much you add to paper. It's usually about the 10-second mark when there is no more smearing, and it's good to go.

Drip Test (Water Resistance):

  • Low – If you need to read your writing after it's wet or want to use watercolors over your writing, then this is not the ink for you, as it won't hold up well when it gets wet.


  • Low-Medium – Depending on the combination of paper and pen, this ink can look legible with intense color use or fade and be harder to read.

Ease of Cleaning:

  • Easy – There is no issue cleaning this ink out of a pen, as it's not permanent and has no shimmer. If you happen to get some ink on your hands, it isn't very noticeable.


  • High – This ink can shade from a very light, faded green to a darker green that shows some blueish and pink chromashading/color-changing.


  • Moderate – This isn't one of Sailor's wetter inks, as it feels drier and sometimes if the color isn't very full. But this ink still flows without any issues.

 Packaging and Aesthetics:

  • Amamoyoi comes in a 20ml rectangular prism-shaped glass bottle with color imagery on the label.
  • The opening is plenty wide enough to fill just about any pen up from it.

Sailor Yurameku Amamoyoi Fountain Pen Ink swab on white paper.

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Although Sailor Yurameku Amamoyoi is more of a green-leaning color, it can appear beige on different papers. This is because the Yurameku line has a unique color-changing ability that causes the ink to shift depending on the paper used and the length of time they develop on the page. When enough ink saturates the paper, some pink and blueish colors shine through. 

Sailor Yurameku Amamoyoi Fountain Pen ink on white Tomoe River paper.



Sailor Yurameku Amamoyoi Fountain Pen Ink splatter on white Tomoe River Paper.



Four white pieces of paper with Sailor Yurameku Amamoyoi Fountain Pen ink on each card in a different shape or pattern and glass product bottle in between them.


This color is available in a 20 mL bottle as well as our 2 mL sample.