Robert Oster Violet Dreams: Ink Review

Robert Oster Violet Dreams fountain pen ink bottle, swab and 2 ink samples on a wooden desk with a maroon colored pen to the left.

Robert Oster Violet Dreams fountain pen ink brings a sense of enchantment to your writing endeavors. With a muted hue, and some light shimmer, this ink can transport your words into a realm of imagination and creativity. Let's delve into it's performance and see what we think! 

Robert Oster violet Dreams on Rhodia Paper

Robert Oster violet Dreams on Tomoe river Paper
Robert Oster violet Dreams on Leuchtturm1917  paper

Ink Review 

Supplies Used:

Smear Test (Dry Time):

  • 5 seconds – Violet Dreams is a speedy ink! The light saturation definitely aids in dry time for this one.

Drip Test (Water Resistance):

  • Low – Very little water resistance here but we don't really expect it from a shimmer ink with such a light shade.


  • Low – "Dusty" comes to mind but in a good way! This muted purple tone is soft and comforting. The saturation is quite low and leads to nice contrast with the shimmer.

Ease of Cleaning:

  • Low – Shimmer inks can be tough! I don't find the Robert Oster shimmer inks to be difficult by any means, but they do require a bit of extra effort.


  • High – Lovely shading can be coaxed out of this ink and with a larger nib, it looks divine. The more absorbent  Leuchtturm1917 paper really shines here.


  • Medium – Surprisingly wet for a dry ink, if that makes sense. The flow is good enough to move the shimmer along with no effort but you can definitely tell the ink is on the drier side of things. 

 Packaging and Aesthetics:

  • Robert Oster Signature Inks are handmade in Australia. The recyclable PET bottles are manufactured in Australia’s first carbon neutral plastics plant. The opening is wide enough to fill your pen from, making it convenient and user-friendly.


Robert Oster violet Dreams With examples and bottles on paper

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In summary, Robert Oster Violet Dreams ink offers a delightful combination of a quick dry time, moderate water resistance, and captivating violet saturation. With its smooth flow and gentle shading, it's an ideal option for infusing a hint of magic into your writing pursuits!

Robert Oster violet Dreams on Tomoe river Paper
Robert Oster violet Dreams on Tomoe river Paper

Robert Oster violet Dreams on Tomoe river Paper

This color is available in 50ml bottles as well as our sample size.