Organics Studio Nitrogen: Ink Review

Organics Studios Nitrogen ink bottle, swab on white background with Nitrogen written off to the side on a white backgroundEver heard of Organics Studio Nitrogen? If you're after an ink that paints your pages with a mesmerizing deep cerulean blue, amplified by a dazzling red metallic sheen, then you've stumbled upon a gem! Nitrogen is notorious for its high-maintenance nature; it might still smear even days after drying. But fear not! There are tricks to tame its flow and reduce smear times. Yet, some swear that this ink never fully dries. Is the captivating teal and red sheen worth the effort? Dive in to discover our verdict!

Organics Studio Nitrogen ink writing sample, on white dot grid paper

Organics Studio Nitrogen ink writing sample, on white blank paper

Organics Studio Nitrogen ink writing sample, on cream dot grid paper

Ink Review 

Supplies Used:

Smear Test (Dry Time):

  • 30+ seconds – It takes at least 30+ seconds for this ink to dry. This ink does not dry quickly, so we do not recommend it for quick writing sessions where you would need to pack up your paper shortly after writing. It's also probably good to note that in areas of great saturation, it seems that it's never truly dry; even a day or two later, a dusting of the ink will still come off on your fingers! 

Drip Test (Water Resistance):

  • Low – As you can see by the image, virtually none of the original line detail remained once the drops were added. Since adding some water makes it significantly lighter, this would be a great ink to use in art projects.


  • Medium – while you can see some differences between the 3 swabs, it's hard to tell much of a difference after 2 layers of ink is put down. It's important to note, the 2nd and 3rd swabs never fully dried.

Ease of Cleaning:

  • Medium – Even after only having this ink in the pen for a little while, it seemed to take a little more time and effort to get it flushed out. It also takes a while to come off your hands if you spill some. 


  • Low – There isn't any shading at all in this ink.


  • High – While there is very little shading, the sheen is out of this world. Even in the regular writing samples, there is a reddish-purple sheen in the bottom half of the letters. Depending on the paper you use, and how much ink your pen puts down, you wouldn't know that this ink is a teal/blue, because you see so much of that reddish-purple sheen. It's what this ink is known for. 


  • Wet – Nitrogen is a wet ink. A very, very wet ink.  Even with an extra-fine nib, the flow is gushing.If you were to leave it in a pen for a while, unused, it would be a bit hard to get going again. Because of how much sheen there is, we recommend regular deep cleaning of any pen you put this ink in. 

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So, is this notorious shade really worth the hassle? Our answer: absolutely! Organics Studios Nitrogen is an ink that almost everyone in the fountain pen community has heard of at some point. Its infamy is tied to the richness of the sheen, the brightness of the blue, and the never-drying quality of the ink overall. It's different, fun to use, and maintains a bit more professionalism than some other eccentric inks. While it may not be your go-to ink for everyday writing, it's definitely a color every enthusiast should try and cross off their must-use list.

Organics Studio Nitrogen ink writing sample close up

Organics Studio Nitrogen ink writing sample, bottle and swab card on white background

Organics Studio Nitrogen ink swab close up

Organics Studio Nitrogen ink swab card on white background

 Organics Studio Nitrogen ink writing sample, bottle and swab card on white background

You can find a 55ml bottle of Organics Studio Nitrogen or a sample here at Goulet Pens.