Colorverse Quasar: Ink Review

Colorverse Quasar ink bottles with ink swabs

Part of the season 2 Astrophysics series, Colorverse Quasar is a vibrant blue fountain pen ink with a burnt orange sheen that transforms into a gorgeous blueish-purple color. Curious to learn more? Check out our impressions below!

Colorverse Quasar Writing TestColorverse Quasar Writing Sample on Tomoe River PaperColorverse Quasar Writing Test on Leuchtturm Paper


Ink Review 

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Smear Test (Dry Time):

  • 20+ Seconds – This ink has a fairly long dry time, which really allows the sheen to shine through on paper. While flow is good, if you are jotting something down in a hurry, you'll want to be cautious about smearing.

Drip Test (Water Resistance):

  • Low – While Quasar is not water resistant, it leaves behind bits of ink, so even though it could be good for water washes, we don't recommend using this for important documents.


  • Medium-High – Between the sheen and depth of color, you won't see much difference between each swab.

Ease of Cleaning:

  • Medium-High – The deeper blue shades in this ink can be more prone to staining lighter-colored pens. Proceed with caution in demonstrators and other clear or translucent fountain pens.


  • Low – Quasar is a cool-toned purple, but outside of the reddish-orange sheen, it doesn't have much variation in the base color.


  • Medium – This ink has a wet and consistent flow, and similar to other inks with more sheen, you may find Quasar feels a bit sluggish if left uncapped for extended periods.

 Packaging and Aesthetics:

  • Colorverse Quasar comes with not one but two bottles per box. The bottles are unique, tear-drop shapes with a rounded glass body and pointed tail for stability. They are definitely one of the more unique bottles we carry.

Colorverse Quasar Ink bottles with swab

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Colorverse Quasar is a bold, cool-toned purple ink that works well on all papers and fountain pens. It has a little pizzazz but is reserved enough to use in more professional settings. As with all Colorvese inks, this ink writes pretty wetly, so if you are going to be writing on the go or using thinner or absorbent paper, be aware you might get some bleeding or feathering. Overall, this ink is fun and well-behaved, and its reddish-orange sheen provides a nice touch at the end! 

Colorverse Quasar Ink bottles with ink splattersColorverse Quasar Ink bottles with ink splattersColorverse Quasar writing with starColorverse Quasar with ink splatters

This color is available in a box set of both 65ml and 15ml bottles as well as our ink samples.