Colorverse Mystic Mountain: Ink Review

Colorverse Mystic Mountain Writing Sample

Colorverse Mystic Mountain shimmering blue ink is part of the Colorverse Glistening collection. Featuring shading and shimmer, this ink is reminiscent of an early sky morning with sun-touched clouds. Read on to find out more!

Colorverse Mystic Mountain Ink Review

 Colorverse Mystic Mountain Writing Sample on Tomoe River Paper

Ink Review 

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Smear Test (Dry Time):

  • 30+ seconds – We found this to be a pretty wet writing ink and it did need a bit longer of a time to dry. It may not be the best for quick notes since it could smear.

Drip Test (Water Resistance):

  • Low – Mystic Mountain is not water resistant at all, as shown in the drip test the dye dissipated and left no marks behind.


  • Medium-High – Since this ink has both shading and shimmer it does have a higher saturation as seen between swab one and two. It is still wet writing but it would be good to clean regularly to avoid clogging.

Ease of Cleaning:

  • Low-Medium – Due to the shimmer in this ink even after a good cleaning and scrubbing with a Goulet Feed Brush you will likely see some residual shimmer in future inks.


  • High – The blue to gray tones in this ink come through nicely showing the variation in color on the loops and overlapping lines, with the added shimmer it makes this ink very versatile.


  • Wet – This ink flows well and goes down wet, even with the shimmer it did not feel dry or like it was having trouble keeping up in the Medium nib size.

 Packaging and Aesthetics:

  • This 30ml Colorverse Bottle is glass with a faceted cap with matching artwork on the label. It is a bit on the smaller side so filling a larger pen may be difficult or harder to fill from once the ink levels are lower.

Colorverse Mystic Mountain Inkbottle with swab

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Overall this ink is well behaved and makes writing a bit whimsical. Mystic Mountain captivates with its wet writing property, boasting mesmerizing shimmer and captivating shading properties. This enchanting hue is a delicate blend of pale periwinkle and serene blue, adorned with glistening rose gold particles that add a touch of magic to any canvas. It's a color we genuinely adore so check it out.

Colorverse Mystic Mountain Ink Bottle on dish with ink splattersColorverse Mystic Mountain Ink Bottle on dish with ink splatters

Colorverse Mystic Mountain Ink Splatter

Colorverse Mystic Mountain Ink splatter

This color is available in 30ml bottles as well as our ink samples.