on saleDe Atramentis Pearlescent Whisky Brown-Copper - 45ml Bottled Ink

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on saleDe Atramentis Pearlescent Whisky Brown-Copper - 45ml Bottled Ink

Product Code DA3120

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45ml Bottle

This brown fountain pen ink features added copper pearlescent shimmer. Shimmering inks work best with broader nibs on high quality paper to really see the shine. De Atramentis fountain pen inks are exclusively handmade in Germany by Dr. Franz-Josef Jansen, and come in a 45ml glass bottle.

Due to the amount of particulate in this ink used to achieve the sparking look, you may experience restricted ink flow in some of your pens. We recommend shaking the ink thoroughly before filling and gently rolling the pen in your hands often to keep the shimmer effect consistent. This will also help prevent clogging. You will also want to be diligent about cleaning and maintaining your pen when using this ink.

Note: De Atramentis is in the process of changing their bottled ink lids. What is pictured might differ from what you receive. We cannot honor special requests.

De Atramentis
Bottled Ink
Bottle Material
Bottle Opening Diameter
18.5mm (0.73in)
Fast Drying

Whether or not the ink contains glittery particles.

Freeze Resistant

Whether or not an ink is specially formulated to better withstand freezing temperatures.

Iron Gall

Ink made from iron salts and tannic acids. Though quite permanent and waterproof, these inks are typically known for causing chemical corrosion to metal pen parts (especially the nib) and should be used sparingly or with less-valuable pens.


Whether or not an ink is specially formulated to increase flow in your pen.


Whether or not the ink contains finely-ground solid particles in liquid suspension.

Water Resistant

Whether or not the ink, once dried on the paper, will resist being washed away with water.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kevin W.
Beautiful Ink with ugly name

The colors run yellow to gold like sparkling desert sands, but is identified as "Whiskey"? Go Figure.

Debra L.
The Shimmer is double xtra

The ink shading and the shimy delivers, the simmer is a touch clumpy, so just Taylor Swift it out.

Michele G.
Just beautiful

This ink is so beautiful, both in the bottle and on the page. It has a ton of sheen and shades between amber and a light brown. It's mesmerizing in a demonstrator pen; I use it in a broad nib and have not experienced clogging, but it does take a long time to clean all the particles out. De Atramentis inks are high quality and this is no exception. Like most if not all shimmer inks, you need to shake your pen now and then, but it's not a deal-breaker for me, but I also like to see the play of the ink as the shimmer goes down to nothing before shaking. It is difficult to keep the amount of copper consistent. I got a sample and had to go for the full bottle.

Carlisle P.
Beautiful but very needy

This ink was recommended by a person at Goulet's help department who fully advised me of the pluses and minuses. You need to use the right paper. The recommendation that I received was for the G. Lalo cream. It looks very nice on this high quality paper but for me, Lalo is just too heavy. I prefer the Tomoe River because it shows off the shimmer so much better. This ink is simply gorgeous but unless I don't know the trick, you must constantly agitate your pen while writing to keep the copper particles suspended and even then, the flow might be interrupted requiring more vigorous shaking or agitation. This is why I can't give it five stars despite its beauty. If you are willing to tolerate the extra work, if's worth it.

christine w.
Stunning and gorgeous!

I got a sample of this and it actually did not have the sheen or I did not realize at the time that the particles had to be shaken when I stuck my cotton swab in. It appeared to be a golden color which I liked too. I got my bottle and I got my Mars Broad Retro and filled the pen after a through shaking of the ink. It is gorgeous! I love this ink. I am going to try the other De Atramentis pearlescent inks as well. The shine on the paper in the day light is amazing. You have to really shake it up and be ready with pen to fill. I use cheap paper and it shines beautifully on it. When writing make sure you also move the pen up and down occasionally. You might have to give a turn of the convertor if ink flow stops. But, I have not really experienced any problems with this ink in my broad nib. The color samples on line of this ink do no justice to the color whatsoever. I am very happy to have this ink in my collection.

FAQs about Bottled Ink

Which pens can accept this ink? 8EDA1617-F73A-4DAF-8245-6D2BF4ABEB7B

Any of these fountain pens will work with bottled ink. Typically, as long as the pen can be filled with a converter, has a built-in filling mechanism like a piston, or can be eyedropper-filled, it can accept bottled ink.

What is shading, sheening, or shimmering ink? 8EDA1617-F73A-4DAF-8245-6D2BF4ABEB7B

Shading - A common (and often desired) result of a fountain pen ink pooling in certain parts of a letter when writing, so that the color and saturation of the ink appears different within a single letter or word. This characteristic cannot be achieved with ballpoint or rollerball pens and is a very appealing aspect of fountain pen use for those particularly drawn to all the pretty ink colors.

Sheen - Characteristic of a fountain pen ink where when ink pools another color can be seen on top of the ink, especially when looked at in different light angles using certain paper types. There is no way to guarantee an ink will sheen, but using a larger nib on a pen will help obtain sheening results in your writing.

Shimmering - Fountain pen ink that has small particles of glitter mixed in.

Is shimmering ink safe to use in fountain pens? 8EDA1617-F73A-4DAF-8245-6D2BF4ABEB7B

Yes! Shimmering ink is a great way to add some flare to your writing. We have found that a larger nib will showcase more shimmering particles while writing, but you can use any nib size and shimmering ink. All the ink we sell is safe for use in fountain pens.

You can learn more in our blog: How to Write with Shimmering Ink.

My ink smells funny, is it safe to use? 8EDA1617-F73A-4DAF-8245-6D2BF4ABEB7B

Generally yes! Ink does not smell good- it usually has a chemical smell, along with other scents such as sulfur, rubber, chemicals or even paint. However, as long as you’re not seeing anything floating in the ink, it should be safe to use.

It’s cold and my ink froze; is it safe to use? 8EDA1617-F73A-4DAF-8245-6D2BF4ABEB7B

Yes, frozen ink will not hurt your pen (after it’s thawed of course!) The issue with ink freezing is primarily a concern because certain glass bottles could break as the water-based ink expands, and then you’d have a mess!

What is your return policy for bottled ink? 8EDA1617-F73A-4DAF-8245-6D2BF4ABEB7B

We do not accept returns for ink that has been used. Otherwise, we accept returns on unused ink products for up to 30 days from purchase. You can read all our Return Policies here.

To initiate a return, please submit a request at the Return Portal. Our Customer Care team might reach out to you for more information.