on saleClairefontaine Triomphe A5 Tablet - Lined

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on saleClairefontaine Triomphe A5 Tablet - Lined

Product Code CF-6124C

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Clairefontaine Triomphe Small Envelopes
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Clairefontaine Triomphe Small Envelopes

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This extra white blank stationery has an exceptionally smooth finish. This A5-sized pad of lined paper features 50 sheets of 90g acid-free, pH neutral Clairefontaine paper. Lines are spaced 8mm apart. Matching envelopes are available separately (C9966).

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Customer Reviews

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Gets the job done

For context, I write on this with a Fine nib on a TWSBI Eco using Diamine Twilight inkThe paper is fine, I wish it stayed in the pad but it peels right off whether you want it to or not, same with the cover. For the sake of keeping the pages together (keeping as a book or journal), this is an inconvenient pad. For ripping out a page to give to someone, this is great as the pages peel more effortlessly than I've ever experienced. I tend to get sweaty palms and so far it hasn't been an issue with this paper. I have had no ghosting from writing or doodling, however if you have a Medium nib or larger you may end up with some if you write very slow or with unnecessary pressure. I've been using this for about a month now, to practice my handwriting. For that, it is exactly what I'd want.

Cindy S.
Very smooth

Nice and smooth, and a good size for letter writing. I have one ink that dries especially slow, and I use a blotter to help it dry, especially on this paper which it seems to dry slower on. Bright white paper, shows ink colors well. No bleed thru of any of my fountain pens, even a pretty wet flex, and stub nib.

Ralph C.
My commonest writing pad

Very handy sized good quality writing pad. Fountain pen friendly and reasonably priced and a handy size

Simple and economical letter pad

I use this pad for writing letters to my family and friends, and it has served this purpose greatly. The paper is a very crisp and bright white, which makes any ink look good. The only knock I'll give it is that I have slight trouble removing the papers from the pad after I'm done writing, but I've never had good luck with tear-away paper.

My favorite paper

Clairefontaine is my favorite paper for journals and fountain pen correspondence. I enjoy using the paper in this tablet to write letters because it shows the sheening and shading inks' qualities so well. The white paper lets the beauty of the ink colors look their best. Because it seldom bleeds through, I can easily write on both sides of the paper and it still looks great. The smooth paper texture lets the nib glide. Joy!

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