on saleClairefontaine 1951 Clothbound A5 Notebook - Blue, Lined

Product Code CF-195946C

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on saleClairefontaine 1951 Clothbound A5 Notebook - Blue, Lined

Product Code CF-195946C

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Clairefontaine has reintroduced its original notebook covers in this 1951 collection. The grained paper cover with front label gives it a vintage look and feel. This A5-sized blue clothbound notebook features 96 sheets (192 pages) of white 90g Clairefontaine ruled paper. Lines are spaced 8mm apart. A perfect satin finish for maximum smoothness in writing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Nice Notebook

I bought two of these notebooks just to stock up on Clairefontaine paper. I use this notebook for journaling and the white paper makes my inks jump out. Yes the notebooks are stiff, don't lay flat initially so a little more attention is needed when first using the notebook. But it does eventually lay flat. The break in is not a big deal since the paper is so nice. I'll be buying more of these notebooks. The packaging and quick delivery by GPC is outstanding which is another reason I'll be back for more. Try this notebook out, don't let the break in that's needed bother you.

Richard Y.
Best value per page

This notebook has the best value per page in Goulet's choice of notebooks. I calculated the Dollar per page value and compared them!I write in my 1951 every day. They do need to be broken in because they don't lay flat. I had to use the skills my 3rd-grade teacher taught me when she taught us how to break in a new book. With use, they start to lay flat. The paper is Clairefontaine, so awesome.

Beautiful notebook with a few flaws

I love this notebook and I'll probably get another when it's full. I use it for journaling and casual notetaking and for that it's great. It's pretty, the size makes it easy to carry around, the paper is hefty and smooth, and it works beautifully with my inks. The one flaw, as others have noted, is the stiffness of the binding. The notebook does not lay flat and I have to use my hand or forearm to keep it open when writing. For me this isn't a big deal, but it might be for others. The beginning and ending sections of the notebook require some breaking-in (like folding the pages back and forth) to effectively use the entire sheet. For some this could be a turnoff. The classical aesthetic and high-quality sheets more than make up for this, so if you're willing to accept the binding issues, definitely give one a try.

Heather C.
Love using this notebook

Paper is nice and thick, no bleed through. It's also really soft and smooth, so it's easy to write on.

Andria S.
Great Paper, Perfect Size, Doesn't Lay Flat

I bought this as a notebook to toss into my bag to put notes and scribbles in while still letting my inks shine. Nothing kills the joy of a beautifully inked pen like terrible paper. The size is perfect for jotting notes, lists, ideas, a brief sketch. However it doesn't lay flat, which is the only thing I would wish for this notebook. That isn't the fault of the notebook really, as I knew that going in, but if it laid flat I would label this one as perfect.

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