Meet the Goulet Family

Meet The Goulet Family

BRIAN GOULET is the co-president and the "face of Goulet Pens", and has no shortage of ideas for new blog posts and videos. A natural-born leader, Brian provides the strategic vision for GPC. He was the originator of the "Goulet packing method" and strives to instill that same level of artistry in all of our team members. Brian grew up in Glen Allen, VA with entrepreneurial parents who instilled in him a great sense of independence. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 2006 with a degree in residential property management, then spent a few years working with his dad doing home powerwashing and carpet cleaning. After turning to woodworking as a hobby, he started making wooden pens, and eventually the Goulet Pen Company was formed. While we no longer make our own pens, the heart of craftsmanship is still alive in all we do.

RACHEL GOULET is the co-president and the support system behind GPC, with a passion for strategic website design, process management, and general operational strategy. She is originally from Centreville, VA, and graduated from Virginia Tech in 2006 with a degree in business management & human resources. Before GPC, she spent a few years working as a Federal recruiter, and a few years doing Excel programming and process engineering at a Fortune 500 company. She loves to geek out over a robust Excel spreadsheet complete with color-coding, just like she enjoys matching inks to her pens. Brian and Rachel met in late 2001 and have been married since 2006.

JOSEPH GOULET, our son, is almost eight years old and in second grade. His favorite activities are playing with Legos and reading books. He adores his little sister and is a great big brother to her. He is very literal (smart cookie!) but also incredibly empathetic and so sweet. When he grows up, he wants to be the leader of The Goulet Pen Company.

ELLIE GOULET, our daughter, is almost six years old and in kindergarten. She’s a very happy, active girl, a bit more adventurous than her brother, and has the sweetest long locks of brown curly hair. She loves My Little Pony, playing dress-up, dancing ballet and tap, singing, and playing imagination with her big brother. She wants to be a mommy when she grows up.