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This black replacement Conklin/Monteverde Omniflex #6 steel fountain pen nib unit made by JoWo will fit into most Conklin and Monteverde pens that accept a #6 nib. 

This nib comes installed on a Conklin/Monteverde housing and feed. This nib is a standard #6 size JoWo nib, so it’ll be compatible with many other pens that are built to house #6 nibs. However, the threading on the housing may not be compatible with pens made by companies other than Monteverde and Conklin. In those instances, in order to replace another pen’s nib you’ll need to pull the Omniflex nib out of the housing before an attempt can be made to install it.

As with any modification or alteration to a pen, there exists the possibility of incompatibility, risk of damage, and warranty nullification. So keep these things in mind while you’re (carefully) exploring new possibilities! Our team will do our best to try to communicate where housing compatibility exists, but we will not have an answer for all pens so understand you may have to guess or experiment on your own.

Both the feed and housing are included.

Our note about the JoWo Omniflex nib: This flex nib will allow you to experience more bounce and softness than writing with conventional nibs. You can achieve some line variation with a little additional downward pressure, to a point. We recommend flexing the nib to about twice the line width that you would see without using any pressure. Please take care to avoid pressing too hard on the nib, as over-flexing could prevent the tines from returning fully to their original position and decrease or stop your ink flow.

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