on saleOriginal Crown Mill Bicolor A5 Correspondence Set - Cream/Navy

Product Code OCM13540

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on saleOriginal Crown Mill Bicolor A5 Correspondence Set - Cream/Navy

Product Code OCM13540

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The classic Original Crown Mill "laid" surface of these 25 crisp, laid finish, flat ivory writing sheets are embellished with a contrasting navy blue border. They are banded in a substantial silver foil box with 25 color-coordinated, tissue-lined envelopes. These A5-sized writing sheets measure 5.75" x 8.25", ideal for longer messages but not too big. Made in Belgium.

Original Crown Mill
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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Roy R.
Really enjoy using it - and I have received it too

It's lovely letter-writing paper and I write lots of letters

Letter writing

It's lovely paper to write on as are the envelopes. I enjoy writing to friends abroad and so am always looking to try nice stationary. Nice this certainly is.

Decent, but I'll personally be looking for a different envelope

I was actually quite disappointed in this product. Dollar per page, it is somewhat decent. The pages are quite textured. It's enough to make my own handwritting wavy. If you use a pointed pen, I really don't recommend using this paper as your upstrokes will catch on the texture, potentionally splattering if you go quick enough. I have not used an extra-fine fountain pen yet, but I personally am having thoughts on whether it would catch too. Someone else will have to comment on that. The paper itself feels quite thin. I don't think is a problem for the content page, but the envelope feels lacking in quality. The envelope definitely feels like thin paper poorly glued to thin paper, all around from the color insert lining, to the glue sealer.For looks itself, this is fantastic paper. The texture is quite visible, and with good penmanship can look great in a cozy way. Most of the problem is really with the feel and function of the envelope, rather than the content page.

Stewart O.
Disappointed with Envelopes

I'm very surprised to find I need to offer a negative review for a product carried by Goulet, but this is kind of a deal breaker when it comes to stationary. I used the first pieces of this stationary today, and while the surface will benefit from using a medium nib, due to its texture, the real is are the envelopes. The first out of the box had almost no adhesive mucilage on one edge of the envelope, necessitating closing the envelope, already with stamp on it, using scotch tape. Instead of an elegant presentation, it was an embarrassment. I wont know until I use more of the stationary if this problem persists through the entire 25 envelopes, but I'm reluctant to use the stuff for important correspondence because sealing it with tape looks like ****.

Jeremy V.
Love this set!

Perfect for fountain pens.

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