on saleLeuchtturm1917 Some Lines a Day 5 Year Memory Notebook - Sage

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on saleLeuchtturm1917 Some Lines a Day 5 Year Memory Notebook - Sage

Product Code LT-363840

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This pastel sage green medium A5 notebook is equally suited for the desk and for use on the move. Contains 365 pages of lined 80g ivory paper. Each page provides space for some lines per calendar day over 5 years. Only the first two digits of the year are printed, i.e. 20__. It 's a great way of easily recalling the extraordinary and the ordinary events in your life and their place in the course of time. In time this special diary will become an interesting reference book of your own past. Features include an expandable pocket, 2 ribbon page markers, elastic band fastener, stickers for labeling/archiving, and it opens flat.

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23mm (0.9in)
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Elastic Band, Inner Pocket, Ribbon Bookmark

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Thomas J.
My Second Journal - Love Them

Now on the last year of my first Leuchttrum 1917 Memory Notebook and I love them! This one will be my second one, beginning on January 1, 2023. Wonderful to look back over the previous years and see how faulty your memory is!! The paper is perfect in my opinion. Because of the small space to write a brief daily highlight, I use a pen with a F or EF nib. I always add the Leuchttrum 1917 pen loop and keep a Platinum Desk Pen (EF) in the loop. I use Platinum Carbon Black ink mostly, but may write with one of the Noodler's permanent or semi-permanent inks, like Red Black too. There is no bleed through and just a tiny amount of ghosting visible, but it does not show after you write on the back page. See my photo. There is a slight texture to the paper, but not scratchy with a Japanese EF or F nib. Dry time is fairly fast, and I keep a sheet of j. Herbin blotter paper between the pages so when I close the book any wet ink does not transfer to the other side. I highly recommend these notebooks. These notebooks may seem expensive at first, but they are made to last indefinitely and each one covers 5 years, 366 days (one Feb 29 page). Great ideas: keep one for each child and follow them over the years. Grandchildren too. I wish I had kept journals over my lifetime. College, vacations, important times - memories all blurring over time without a journal.

Thomas J.
My Second One

I started using my first of these on Jan 1, 2018 and this one will start Jan 1, 2023. I loved keeping this journal from day one. Paper is great, not glossy smooth, but not rough. I usually write with a Platinum EF nib and it is not scratchy, feels like writing with a pencil. There is faint ghosting but not enough to interfere with what is written on the back of the page. When I read what is written on the back of a page, the faint ghosting is not apparent at all. If you use a very wet B or stub nib with wet ink, you may have a problem. But I've never had a problem, with a M nib and dark ink. I was interested in being able to look back at previous years but never realized how great it is. It shows how much detail I have forgotten over the years and how inaccurate my memory is as to when something happened. In short, I'm going to keep buying the Leuchtturm1917 Some Lines a Day 5 Year Memory Notebooks whenever my current one is near completion. I do recommend getting the Leuchtturm1917 Pen Loop. Note the loop is not for fat pens, but thinner pens. Nice to not have to go get a pen when you write in your notebook. The loop attaches permanently.

Laura H.
5 year journal is great

Loving it so far. I have a hard time condensing my thoughts so I like that there are multiple lines for each day. Just the right amount of space.

Nice color, paper�I can look at this for the next five years easily

This is a very nice five-year journal�just enough room for five-ish lines per day, good quality paper, and I like the cover color very much. It's simple and classic enough that I doubt I'll wonder what I was thinking when I pick it up for the next five years.

Andrea S.
Lovely notebook with just the right amount of space

I've been writing in this every day for the past month or so, and I love it. The notebook is high quality and very attractive, and fountain pen friendly of course! I can get in maybe three sentences at most in each day slot, which is perfect. Being forced to just write a couple things makes me write in it much more consistently. And I'm already enjoying looking back even just a month to what I wrote then, I can't wait until I come all the way around the first year. And you get five years of this, so it's really a nice deal!

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