on saleGoulet Pen Flush (8oz Bottle)

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on saleGoulet Pen Flush (8oz Bottle)

Product Code GP-10003

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Sometimes water just isn't enough. Goulet Pen Flush is here to help you give your pen a thorough cleaning. We've formulated a gentle yet effective solution to help loosen any residual ink hanging out in your pen. Our flush comes in a blue plastic 8oz bottle with a secure twist cap, and one empty ink vial for easy decanting. This should last you a while!

Instructions: Clean your pen just like you normally would with distilled water (or tap water if that's all you have), drawing it into your pen and flushing it out until the water runs clear. Pour approximately 4ml of Goulet Pen Flush into the included vial or another container of your choice. Fill and flush with the Goulet Pen Flush from your vial, repeating to remove any excess ink from your pen. Fill and flush again with clean water to remove any residual Flush.

You can reuse the Flush as many times as you want, but it's best to dump it every few cleanings. You don't have to use the vial, you can just flush straight from the bottle. If your pen is particularly nasty, feel free to soak it in the Flush overnight (or longer as needed) to loosen up stubborn ink, then flush with clean water.

Warning: Do not drink this or get it in your eyes. Keep out of the reach of your kids or your pets. Don't soak aluminum or casein pens in the Flush. Don't mix with bleach.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Ammonium Hydroxide, Biodegradable Surfactants.

Note: we are in the process of changing our bottle labels to what you see pictured here. You may receive the older label, but the product is identical!


Customer Reviews

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R. E.
Good stuff!

This works very well. Cleans out dried ink from nibs extremely well. Highly recommended.


Great for that stubborn clean out!


Worked great to clean a couple pens that had been sitting for a while.

You need this

My nibs definitely work better when they are cleaned with this flush between refills. Feed is smoother and I think my pens fill more fully as well. It makes a difference and the bottle will last you a good long while.

Helpful, as always

There's not much to say. I'm not thrilled with the recent price before I wrote this, but I expect it's inevitable with inflation. I only use Goulet Pen Flush. It usually works great, and I find the bottle and opening to be helpful. I also like that it comes with an empty sample vial to use with the flush if you want to. It's reliable, helpful, and functional, plus it seems pretty gentle on pens. I usually only use it with waterproof, shimmering, or sheening inks, or in pens I plan to give away or sell, so I don't go through it that fast. But I do plan to keep buying it whenever I run out, and I sometimes give partial bottles away to pen friends or but bottles for them.

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