on saleTraveler's Notebook - Brown (Regular)

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on saleTraveler's Notebook - Brown (Regular)

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Traveler's Notebook Accessory 016 - Medium Pen Holder, Brown
Add a Pen Holder + $16.00 Traveler's Notebook Accessory 016 - Medium Pen Holder, Brown

Traveler's Notebook Accessory 016 - Medium Pen Holder, Brown

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Traveler's Notebook Regular Refill 001 - Lined
Add a Refill + $5.50 Traveler's Notebook Regular Refill 001 - Lined

Traveler's Notebook Regular Refill 001 - Lined

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Traveler's Notebook Accessory 021 - Connecting Rubber Bands (Regular)
Add an Accessory + $6.40 Traveler's Notebook Accessory 021 - Connecting Rubber Bands (Regular)

Traveler's Notebook Accessory 021 - Connecting Rubber Bands (Regular)

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This is the starter's kit of the regular-sized Traveler's Notebook. It comes in a package which contains a brown cowhide leather cover, a blank notebook, a cotton case, and a spare closure rubber band (of a different color). The simple and rustic texture is self-assertive in an unobtrusive way.

The more you use it, the more unique texture the cowhide cover acquires. The leather cover, whose texture is simple yet attractive, is made in Chiang Mai. They "chop" cowhide, tanned with tannin taken from plants, into pieces. Then, rubber is tied to the piece with tin clasps. It's as simple as that.

Insistence on the best writing comfort. Notebook refills are made of Midori's original diary paper, developed especially for the best writing comfort possible. You can write on it with a fountain pen with little need to worry about bleed-through. In pursuit of the best writing experience possible, the paper is carefully crafted in Japan.

Go on a journey! The perfect size for carrying. You can put small maps and tickets, etc. in the notebook.

Customized for you! The simple design lends itself to the colors of your choice. As you use the notebook more and more, the leather will develop a richer color and will become imbued with your individuality.

Package contents:
  • Cotton Bag / (240mm x 140mm)
  • Leather Cover / (220mm x 120mm, 10mm deep)
  • Blank notebook (64 pages) / (210mm x 110mm)
  • Spare Rubber Band

For California consumers only:

WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

Traveler's Company
Thickness - Overall

How thick the notebook is from front to back, including the cover.

10.0mm (0.39in)
Size - Overall

The general international paper size, including options such as A4, A5, B5, Pocket, etc. Click here to read our guide on paper sizes.

Traveler's Notebook Regular
Binding Orientation
Binding Type
Cover Material
Cover Thickness
2.4mm (0.09in)
Paper Color
Sheet Count

The number of individual pieces of paper in the notebook (whereas pages refers to each side of a sheet). 1 sheet = 2 pages.


Whether or not the paper is micro-perforated and designed to be removed from the notebook. Options include None, Some, or All pages.

Height (in)
Height (mm)
Width (in)
Width (mm)
Ruling Type
Special Features
Elastic Band

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Grant G.
Awesome addition to the journal arsenal!

This was my second purchase of the regular sized Traveler's Notebook. This time it was a gift, but I have the same journal purchased about a year ago. The leather cover wears extremely well and starts to patina after regular use. The simplicity of the binding is spectacular, and this is all around one of my favorite journals to use. Couple this with a Goulet Tomoe Paper notebook and you are set. While I would not use as a Bullet Journal Style journal, this has become one of my favorites.


Great quality loved the cute freebie sticker

Paper is worthwhile for the price, not the sleeve though

I have choice words for the traveler's notebook and the price of entry to get it. But as an overall product. I love it. The paper is wonderful, and the idea of dead simple notebook system makes it possible to have multiple subjects within a small form factor, if you wanna look at it in more nuanced view, it is also a good representations of each person's tastes and desires for customization:A moving scrap book.A complex planner system.Art station with journaling features.Engineer's design jotter. The idea and simplistic design conceptionally make the traveler's notebook a bulletproof item that I don't think can be really surpassed, because it's literally a piece of folded leather and some elastic, you are almost unlimited by how much you wanna stuff in there. While more complex engineered designs make it where you're limited by function and what you want.My cons are the travelers notebook itself. It's not the design, material choices, or anything like that. The price point is just way too high for what you're actually getting. If you take away the price of the included insert, it'd still be around 40-50 dollarsBuying a cheap leather punch, some elastic and the leather itself, you can make your own traveler's notebook within 15-20 minutes, and even have it be way more personable to you while STILL being cheaper than the notebook you buy. In fact, if you have trouble of some issues with the third insert not sitting flush, you could adjust the dimensions to make the book a wee bit wider to cover that over hang if you truly wanted to. The product is useful, very useful. But I think 50 dollars is appalling for what you get. I could buy 5 people something to eat at Steak and Shake and still probably have some leftover to get a shake or twoBut the notebook itself, is an amazing product. It's just not worth the price.

Juliet L.
Traveller's Notebook Review

I absolutely love it! Goulet Pen seriously delivered and I couldn't be more grateful!! Thank you!!

Marie M.
Beautiful and versatile

I love my new journal. I wanted quality leather, and I got it. I also wanted a solution for buying nice journals, filling them 3/4 of the way, and then abandoning them because I don't want to carry two notebooks and I realize my writing might need to carry over. The refills take care of that beautifully. I like that there are different types of papers, including sketch paper, and that you can stack the papers in the journal if you like. Overall, I feel like this is an interesting and high quality purchase, very functional, and very well-priced.

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