on saleEndless Recorder A5 Notebook - Infinite Space, Dot Grid

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on saleEndless Recorder A5 Notebook - Infinite Space, Dot Grid

Product Code EL-ESRISD

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Infinite Space

Welcome to the all-new Endless Recorder Notebook made from their proprietary and ink-loving Regalia paper. A companion that goes hand-in-hand with you wherever you go. Compact, sturdy, dependable – the Recorder is everything that you wished for!

Now with thicker 80gsm acid-free paper made in-house for your joy. Experience the richness of Regalia, their proprietary paper. These handy hard-cover notebooks also come with an inner pocket to store the essentials.

With one of the best color reproductions of ink on any paper, experience sheening and shading like never before.

This Recorder Notebook has a fine black leatherette cover with rounded corners, complete with a light blue elastic enclosure and two page markers.

All 192 pages (96 sheets) are completely acid-free with minimal-to-no bleeding, ghosting, or feathering, so you have the smoothest writing experience. 5mm dot grid ruling gives you flexibility.

Each Recorder comes with 16 easy-to-tear perforated sheets.

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Dot Grid
Special Features
Elastic Closure, Inner Pocket, Numbered Pages

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Really terrible paper

I rarely leave negative reviews but this paper is just really bad. It will make all of your fountain pens write 1-2 sizes more bold than they normally right. I prefer extra fine and fine nibs and with this paper the finest nibs in my collection write to a medium even bold line thickness. I have attached a photo showing what I mean. The top gird paper is Rhodia and the Endless Notebook Regalia on the bottom. I purchased two writing pads and the notebook, I really regret the purchase.

Casey E.
Gorgeous quality notebook!!

I love this notebook! The pages are the perfect thickness, show amazing color and shading, and just has a great set up!! I love that the pages are numbered and it comes with an index, just love it!!Almost no bleedt through! Unless thick/heavy marker, then only slightly!!

Exceptional in every way

I promise I will do my best to keep this review semi-concise, but I adore this paper and could probably talk about it for hours if allowed to. I have discovered properties of inks that I've used for ages that I had no idea were there. I got sheen on my Iroshizuku Take-Sumi BLACK ink... has this ALWAYS been there?! I know that with large globs of Diamine Writer's Blood you could get a copper sheen, but I've gotten it now with my Pilot 823 Custom FINE nib. I won't waste this whole review marveling at the ink properties I've found, though.Bleedthrough is super minimal and seems to only apply to areas where I wrote on the paper itself, whereas ink splotches don't appear to create any bleedthrough at all. Of course there's ZERO feathering and the paper itself is incredibly smooth. The ONLY downside to this paper is obviously going to be its dry time. I smudged some Iroshizuku Take-Sumi a couple MINUTES after writing with it. That dry time is what allows the inks to really be their true selves, though. This is a creative journal where you work on one page at a time and let it sit to really settle in. The lack of absorption also causes there to be issues with hand oils on the paper. If you touched the paper and have even semi-oily hands, the ink WILL trace the outline of your fingerprint. I actually use a drawing glove when writing on this paper because of how extreme it can be if you get oils on it. I've tried Rhodia (my daily driver), Clairefontaine, Apica, Mnemosyne, Tomoe River, and Leuchtturm. All are great in their own way and serve a different purpose for me. This is the one brand of paper that I've considered ordering in bulk. I want a lifetime supply of these notebooks. I'm obsessed. I would recommend this to anyone who really wants to experience the full personality of their inks.

Clairefontaine + Tomoe River = Regalia

This paper brings together the best aspects of Clairefontaine and Tomoe River paper. It's smooth; it feels substantial, and inks reveal all their glory on it. There's shading and sheening and shimmer, and all of the inks look so incredibly vibrant on it. I did get tiny dots of bleedthrough, but only when I poured ink on a page. Otherwise, I haven't encountered any problems. This is my new favorite paper. And they clearly tried to make it even more Bullet Journal friendly, since it now has two bookmarks. And it's barely more expensive than the comparable Rhodia notebooks. It's absolutely perfect. I cannot sing high enough praises. I just wish that Goulet stocked more of the colors.

Great notebook/paper

I really like this notebook and the Regalia paper. I heard this mentioned on the Goulet pen cast and since I love trying new paper and notebooks, I added it to my most recent order. First, I was really impressed with how little the paper ghosts and with zero feathering. It does ghost slightly (something I don't mind and even like) and the paper is on the smoother side. It isn't as smooth as Clairfontaine/Rhodia, but will still get you that squeaky sound you sometimes get on the paper when using some broader nibs, for example. I tried the paper using the Pilot Custom 74's fine nib up to my Conklin 1.1 stub nib, using Van Dieman's Shooting Star ink and even the stub nib with that ink had the same minimal ghosting; I was impressed! As someone who uses Leuchtturm, Midori, and Travelers notebooks for most of my writing, I thought the Endless Regalia notebook was a nice change - while being smoother, but still maintaining a slight bit of texture, which I typically like with my paper. The overall construction of the notebook is great, too. The leatherette feels nice and like it will hold up over time. The paper markers/bookmarks are fraying a bit already, but I never use page markers, so I that doesn't matter to me, but worth noting to those who care. If you like Rhodia/Clairfontaine paper, this is definitely worth trying. It ghosts only slightly more, but also has a little extra texture to it, while still being a very smooth paper. It's almost a middle ground for texture and smoothness - but it definitely leans more toward the smooth side, in my opinion.

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