Wearingeul Dracula: Ink Review

Wearingeul Dracula Fountain Pen ink swab, swatch and bottle on dark red and black backgroundWearingeul Dracula fountain pen ink is a rich hue that tantalizingly lingers between deep pink and fiery red. This ink is no ordinary shade; it possesses an intriguing secret – a touch of elusive blue shimmer that weaves its magic to create a mesmerizing purple spectacle when bathed in the perfect lighting. Much like the mysterious allure of the night, and its namesake, this ink promises to enchant and intrigue. If you dare, join us as we embark on a journey to sink our metaphorical teeth into this captivating ink. 

Wearingeul Dracula Fountain Pen ink writing sample on white dot grid paper

 Wearingeul Dracula Fountain Pen ink writing sample on white blank paper

Wearingeul Dracula Fountain Pen ink writing sample on cream dot grid paper

Ink Review 

Supplies Used:

Smear Test (Dry Time):

  • 25-30 seconds – This ink was still wet and still smeared after 20 seconds, but was dry before 30. It would dry in regular writing pretty easily, but be careful if you're in a rush. 

Drip Test (Water Resistance):

  • Low – As you can see, the ink did not stay put when it got wet. However, a nice wash was left behind, so if your paper did get wet, you'd still have some lovely pink ink left behind. The letters will have disappeared like a bat in the night.


  • Medium – There is a decent change from the first swab to the second, and using different nib sizes and pens illustrated the subtle differences between the deep pink and darker red hues.

Ease of Cleaning:


  • High – You can see the difference in each letter as this ink pools a lot while writing. This also adds to the shimmering particles drawing your eye. This paired with the shimmer adds a distinctive flair to your words. 


  • Medium – Surprisingly, this ink wasn't super wet. Given the longer dry time, I was expecting a wetter writing experience, but this wasn't that. In fact, I'd have preferred it to be a little wetter in the smaller nib sizes I tried.

 Packaging and Aesthetics:

  • This 30ml glass ink bottle is a square shape with a large enough opening to fill your pen from. The label matches the color inside, and has the name of the ink on it in English and Korean.

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Overall this ink was fun to use, but I didn't feel like it would be in my daily rotation. I'd keep this ink for more special occasions, as red isn't always a color people lean toward especialy in professional environements, but the shimmering blue particles make this ink fun and exciting. I'd certainly want to show it off! 

Wearingeul Dracula Fountain Pen Ink ink sample swab on white blank paper on red background

Wearingeul Dracula Fountain Pen Ink writing sample on white paper

Wearingeul Dracula Fountain Pen Ink writing sample, bottle and swab on black and red textured background

This color is available in a 30ml bottle as well as our ink samples.