Robert Oster Mystic Storm: Ink Review

Robert Oster Mystic Storm Fountain Pen Ink bottle and writing sample on dark background

We've got a new purple ink from Robert Oster! Mystic Storm is a soothing dark lavender color with excellent shading. A perfect dusky ink for those purple lovers in your life. Read the full review below! 

Robert Oster Mystic Storm writing sample on white dot grid paper

Robert Oster Mystic Storm writing sample on white blank paper

Robert Oster Mystic Storm writing sample on cream colored dot grid paper 

Ink Review 

Supplies Used:

Smear Test (Dry Time):

  • 10-15 seconds – Mystic Storm has a nice quick dry time that really works for those who need to take a quick note and go on to the next page! In a finer nib, you will experience an even faster dry time but with the LAMY medium, it was excellent.

Drip Test (Water Resistance):

  • Low – Not waterproof at all, but it's not supposed to be! Aside from normal writing, this would be a solid choice for mixed media projects. 


  • High – You can see on swabs 1,2, and 3 you don't get much more variation out of the ink. Once it's laid down, it's a nice dark purple and more ink won't change that. The ink appears more saturated and evenly consistent with a thinner nib.

Ease of Cleaning:

  • Easy – Mystic Storm was a breeze to get out of my pen. Just as the water easily removed it from the page, you won't need anything special to clean this ink from your pen.


  • High – Going from a light purple all the way to a nice dark coloration on the same stroke is rewarding for our shading-ink lovers out there. You'll be rewarded with a smooth transition from light to dark and back again! It's much more pronounced with a larger medium nib but expect some shading with your wet-writing fine and even extra-fine nibs.


  • Medium – Some of the nice shading inks, including those from Robert Oster, tend to write a bit on the dry side but this one lands squarely in the middle for this test. The flow wasn't restrictive and frustrating, nor was it excessive and over bearing. It was a joy to use. 

 Packaging and Aesthetics:

  • Robert Oster bottles are made of recyclable PET bottles are manufactured in Australia’s first carbon neutral plastics plant. While their bottles aren’t particularly thrilling, they do offer a very tight seal, a dark coloration to protect the ink, and a nice shiny sticker to let you know what you have.

Robert Oster Mystic Storm Bottle and swab

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Some of the most notable inks from Robert Oster are their blue colors, but the purple line up is underrated at times! This ink falls nicely into the collection as it is warmer and darker than Summer Storm and delivers a more saturated and shimmerless color than Violet Dreams. With a comfortable flow, lovely shading, and a very calming tone, Mysitc Storm is a simple yet elegant color for your collection. 

Robert Oster Mystic Storm swab sample

Robert Oster Mystic Storm swab sample

Robert Oster Mystic Storm ink review

This color is available in 50ml bottles here as well as our 2ml samples.